Saturday, June 2, 2007

Why Bohol clicks as a tourist destination

I have been to Bohol four times in the last three years. It seems like I can't have enough of this Island Paradise, because there is the yearning to go back again and again.

The moment one steps down on the Port of Tagbilaran, the feeling of being cuddled by everyone, from the tinderas, to the employees of the Department of Tourism, gives one that feeling of peace and security.

Bohol has so much to offer. Old churches (like the Baclayon Church), a very relaxing Loboc River Cruise, Hinagdanan Cave, a Shell Museum, a giant phyton in captivity, handicrafts and delicacies, a man-made forest, whale/dolphin watching, a scuba diving haven, well-kept and reasonably priced hotels/apartelles, courteous and honest drivers, friendly and industrious natives, long stretches of clean, white beaches, a very modern Sagbayan Peak, and of course, the world-famous heaven's gift to the Boholanos, the CHOCOLATE HILLS.

There are regular TAG-MNL-TAG flights. Two very modern fastcrafts, SUPERCAT and WEESAM, ply the BOHOL-CEBU-BOHOL routes.

My friend, Angging, and I can assist you in planning your Bohol Escapade, email:

Bohol beckons!


Ed Benjamin said...

Sign me up for this tour, when the time comes, Jo! Hook me up with a web link if it's available. I'd like to see some previews. But thanks for the plug, it's interesting, Josie.

neliaamparo said...

josie, hook me up also in was my plan to go to bohol when i came home bec. i have a cousin there,but i got scared bec.i've never been there cousin is from ba.bato,guindolman.we also have relatives in tagbilaran,the tinampays. thanks a lot, nelia