Sunday, June 24, 2007

Beauty that lasts forever


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C C ramirez said...

Very sweet, ladies. Thank you for these comforting words. We definitely need these words at our stage of life.If only we could truly convince ourselves of this we'll feel better.

On the other hand if women take this to heart, then we'll surely kill the cosmetic and related industry. Collagen, nip and tuck, lipo, all types of plastic surgeries, corsets, the endless array of miracle creams and pills that promise to wind back the time, beside the facials and the perms ad nauseum will be a thing of the past. This will create massive unemployment and we graceful agers will have to compete with much younger and fresher-looking women for jobs, male (ours, mainly) attention, and put up with age discrimination at the workplace and elsewhere.

One very good thing that may come out of it is that there will be less D O M like that unpleasant character in Ernesto's blog.