Saturday, June 23, 2007

A tale of friendship

(This blog was sent to me by its blogger, Pilar Villegas-Cuevas, for posting in our blogspot. She is still in the process of unpacking her stuff in her new home, so she is not able to access the internet yet.)


First it was Cora and me. We became close friends while we were in junior high at JRI. We spent the vacant periods in the sheds in school, studying our lessons for the next subjects (EHEM!) - well. sometimes. Actually, we talked about anything that caught our fancy, and giggled at funny (most of the time - corny) stories. In the afternoons, we walked home together, she to Wakas, and me to Bilolo.

We lost contact when we went to Manila for our college studies. More so, when we started working and later got married and migrated to different countries- she to Australia and me to the U.S. God knows how much I tried to reconnect to her, but was unable to, until Ruben (Ben Ruben before) was able to trace her whereabouts and so thoughtfully sent me her email. How wonderful to feel the warmth of friendship again with the one person I admire so much! Simply, the best! That's my friend, Azon.

On the other hand, my friendship with Josie started in 2004 only, when we met at the Orion church. I got her email address from Belen, so I emailed her when I reached home. She emailed me back immediately. Didn't realize that Josie is so "kalog" - there's never a dull moment with her. Just like me, she's also a "computer addict" so we email each other daily. The daily email exchange and the countless online chats brought us closer in friendship.

GOD IS SO KIND! He gave Cora, Josie and me a chance to be together during our Grand reunion!
MAD and MAT! Tres Rosas, Tres Dahlias, CORAJOLARPS! Yeah, CORAJOLARPS, forever!!!



Ed Benjamin said...

What a nice piece about friendship.So you know, we are closer to you than Josie or Cora. About 120 miles, or so.If you need any articles/pix to be published, please do not hesitate to let Annie or I know. You can fax it or send via snail(mail)mode. I'll be glad to post them till you get your pc back in your new place, okay?

orionjri said...

If only the menfolk of Batch 63 would share their barkada stories!

What about yours, readers?

josie javier-macalua said...

Cora, please don't dare them, kasi they would never do that. All men TRY to follow the Ten Commandments, but they REALLY FOLLOW the 11th, which is: NEVER ADMIT ANYTHING!

Besides, I wonder if there's one in Batch '63 who is not a member or officer of TAKUSA - Takot Sa Asawa!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ed you are right. You, Annie and I are more closer than Cora and Jo as you are in New Jersey and me in Maryland. Same with Mike who is in Pennsylvania. Annie and Belen same with Luz Torrez were also my friends in highschool. We also lost communication but but we are still friends. Wait for my next write up. I asked Jo to publish this for me to inspire others to publish also their barkadas in highschool.