Sunday, June 10, 2007

Independence Day Barrio Fiesta in Brisbane

Brisbane in Queensland, Australia enjoyed fine weather as the local Filipino community remembered and celebrated our Independence Day. It was a day of great fun made more memorable with lots of Filipino delicacies (suman, banana cue, puto, lechon, pospas, pan de sal etc) and songs and dances (no Tinikling this time). Filipino courtship and how it has evolved from the time of the harana to the present was depicted on stage. For most of the oldies in the crowd it was a nostalgic trip to the homeland. If you wish to have a feel of the Brisbane scene, check out some photos in


Ed Benjamin said...

This is a nice article. Interesting pictures, too. Good job, Cora.

neliaamparo said...

dear cora, thanks for publishing those nice did a very good job.are you ok now?i heard you got sick when you came back from the phil.i got sick also,my sinuses are atill blocked.i don't know how to get rid of this.but i'm going to see the doctor on wednesday.i was really glad to see you at the reunion.hope to see you again in 2010. love, nelia