Friday, June 1, 2007


For those who like to lose weight,remove unwanted bulges, stay trim and

healthy,this diet is for you.

Basic Fat Burning Soup
6 large onions
6 medium size tomatoes
1 large head of cabbage
2 green peppers
1 big bunch of celery
Optional:Season with salt,curry,onion soup powder or any non calorie seasoning

Cut vegetables in small or medium pieces and add water.Boil fast for 10 min.
and reduce heat to simmer.Continue cooking until vegetables are tender. This
soup can be eaten anytime you are hungry,anytime of the day.This soup has
no calories.Keep refrigerated,reheat only portions you will eat.

Day to Day Menu

Day 1
All fruits except bananas.Eat your soup.For drinks,unsweetened tea,cranberry
juice and water.

Day 2
All vegetables only,eat until you are full,fresh or cooked vegetables.Eat all
the veg you want but stay away from dry beans,peas and corn.For dinner,you
can have a baked or boiled potato.

Day 3
Eat fruits and vegetables(day 1-2).Eat your soup too.No baked potato this

( If you have followed the menu for three days including your fat burning soup
and have not cheated,you will find that you have lost up to 7 pounds)

Day 4

Bananas and skimmed milk only.Eat at least 8 bananas and drink as many
glasses of skimmed milk.Eat the fat burning soup too.

Day 5
Beef/Broiled Chicken without the skin(10-12 ounces)and 6 tomatoes.
Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water to wash away the uric acid,take
the soup at least once.

Day 6
Beef/broiled chicken/fish and vegetables.
Eat to your heart's content,two or three steaks with leafy veggies.Take
your soup even once.

Day 7
Brown rice,unsweetened fruit juices and veggies.Stuff yourself.Be sure to
have your soup even once this last day.

At the end of the 7th day,if you have not cheated on the above diet you
will find that you have lost 10-17 pounds.If you bave lost more than 15
pounds,stay off the diet for 2 days before resuming the diet from day 1.

DONT's:Bread,rice,pasta,alcoholic beverages,soda,even diet or unsweetened,
fried food.

Happy dieting!!

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