Thursday, June 14, 2007

Batch ' 63s Seven Cinderellas

Yeah, the title is quite intriguing,and I really labored hard to find the right image to complement this blog.

Batch '63 is still keeping Seven Cinderellas.Of the seven three have now settled in the land of milk and honey,the USA and Canada,sucessful in their own right in their careers particularly.the other four are similarly situated but chose to carve their niche in the Philippines.

During the gatherings last May,no one has dared ask the six ladies present why they chose SINGLE BLESSEDNESS as their lifetime status.I am sure they have their own oft repeated reply which they will willingly share.

You might think,they missed meeting Mr Prince Charming who have picked a pair of their Golden Slippers when the clock struck 12 at a party.Or the Prince Charming got lost on his way of looking for the owner of the slipper and worst he might have been grabbed by a very clever witch.There could be more than a hundred reasons if one will really dig deeper in the lives of these seven Cinderellas. But I tell you one thing is certain,they have no regrets living their lives without a Prince.Make a wild guess!

May I therefore re introduce the ladies:Nelia,Edita,Sally,Mercy,Fely Florendo,Julie and yours truly.


josie javier-macalua said...

Lest you forget, we still have one PRINCE CHARMING in the Batch - NORBERTO ROXAS. Getting one of the 7 Cinderellas would be the ultimate happiness for him.

neliaamparo said...

dear luz, you are very right,we have our own reasons why we chosed our present status in life.first of all we cannot do anything about the will of thing i don't do is question GOD'S thing i'm sure of,i am so happy with HIS decision.doesn't it show when you saw me during our reunion?that's all folks,i hope you're satisfied with my the way luz,thanks so much for the very nice basket,i love it.alam mo ba na i hand carried it dahil ayaw kong masira.siyanga pala,ang gaganda ng kuha natin sa video lalo na yung part na nasa tower hotel tayo. natatandaan mo ba nuong kumanta si rollie ng mr.suabe?bigla akong tumayo at sinabayan ko ng sayaw.tapos kinuhanan ang mga girls,sina cora,josie etc. namamaluktot silang lahat nang tawa.tapos nanunuod akong magisa ay namamaluktot din ako sa tawa.bayaan ninyo ipapaburn ko sa nephew ko ang mga tapes at padadalhan ko kayo ng copy.hindi ko lang alam kung kailan dahil mahirap itong pamangkin ko laging nasa computer.ok that's all for now,sobra ang haba ng comment ko. love, nelia

C C ramirez said...

Hmmn, could it be that our fair ladies are not like the poor mistreated Cinderella who couldn't even walk in highheels (but got her Prince Charming nevertheless, -makes you wonder what the Prince's IQ level was to use a wayward shoe as guide to mate selection)- but Sleeping Beauties waiting for the right Princes to kiss them or waiting to kiss the right toads/frogs to transform them into Prince Charmings. If you are thinking of doing it, Ladies, beware. Prince Charmings grow old and wrinkly; can become cranky, lose hair, grow a huge pouch and suffer dementia. (We women don't suffer the same maladies. We just reinvent ourselves.) Fairytales are just that: Tales told by fairies. And you know what fairies are. You are in a good place right now.

josie javier-macalua said...

Another warning: Sa Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, the TOAD TURNED INTO A PRINCE. Sa tunay na buhay, madalas ang PRINCE TURNS INTO A TOAD. Cinderellas, BEWARE!!! He could be that - a toad dressed in prince's royal garment!

lucille said...

I agree without question to the comments of Cora and Jo.

I wrote that piece coz I promised Nelia and Edita during the dinner ,the last one at Nelia's place.Edita even suggested the title "Magnificent Seven,but I think the adjective is too masculine for the fair ladies!!

neliaamparo said...

dear cora and jo, you are very right,and that exactly is the reason why i don't even want to try looking for my prince charming.there's no doubt we are in a good position.