Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Love and compassion for NORBERTO

While we were having fun that rainy night at Violet Cordero's place, Azon hardly ate dinner, for she was so busy interviewing Norberto Roxas, digging into his story. She was so overcome with compassion for him when she saw him that afternoon in their place. Blind, his foot injured, skinny, dark and all-wrinkled(probably because of too much sun exposure and poor nutrition). He was also a bit shy, and had to be fetched and cajoled to ensure his attendance that night.

Azon and I chatted ,made plans, sent emails to Ernie, Mike, Tio Eddie, Terri,Luz, Rolando, Larpi, etc.-all for Norberto's case. We did not want to put his life in danger again, so we opted to withhold the publication of Azon's article on his sad life. But the time came when we couldn't hold anymore. At this point, we agreed that time is of the essence. He's already old, like the rest of us. We have to help give some meaning and a bit of happiness to his life. I salute Ernie for saying this in his last email to me,"At this stage of our life when many of us have received so much blessings, it may be repayment period." What a lovely thought!

An artificial eye would do him good, so he can regain his self confidence. A source of income, not the dole-out type, would restore his human dignity, and would ease a bit his difficult life along with his old mother.

All these show of love and concern from us, his batchmates, would make him feel a fraction of the love that he could have gotten if only he had the chance to have a wife and children of his own.

I've written an appeal to Ms. Vicky Morales of Wish Ko Lang on Channel 7 on behalf of JRI Batch 1963. I guess it would be a great help if majority of us send letters to her asking for help for Norberto. She will take notice if she receives numerous letters, pleading for the same person.

To quote Pilar, "God made us instruments to find a way to help Norberto." How lucky we are for having been chosen as His instruments! My parents' words reverberate in my mind at this point. "Mas mapalad ang nagbibigay, kaysa sa binibigyan."

We are one in this, aren't we? ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL!

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Ed Benjamin said...

We're with you guys, whatever we decide to do for Norberto. Something good will come out of this act of compassion. Annie and I will be right with you all. Let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope nothing but the best for Norberto. May God bless you all.