Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Joys of Friendship

From our batch,I have not lost touch of a long time friendship with this lady .
Distance and absence did not affect the friendship bond that we have developed.I used to fetch her from her house ,I borrow her books,we make assignments together.We have girl talks too as we traverse the long and dusty road to the JRI campus armed with our colorful umbrellas.

The umbrella has a story to tell,an amusing one:about young love,sweet love!
The umbrella was used to cover my friend's face from the glimpse of a smitten
young man who had to climb the Catholic church belfry just to see if her Lady Love and me were on our way to school in the hot afternoons between 12:00-1:00 pm.The gate of my friend's house is visible from the belfry.Once we are on our way,he will position himself across the Caltex Gas Station,patiently waiting for us and have a close up view of this lady.He is lucky if we don't notice his presence but you can imagine his desperation once my friend sways her umbrella close to her face and cover her blushing cheeks.After sometime, he will quickly ride a passing ALICIA jeep,back to school in Balanga to attend his remaining subjects.

To make my story short, my friendship with her continued,we had good times together with the BARKADA at the Central School,Julie, Emma, Josie Pascual and Annie Rodriguez.Meanwhile, the smitten gentleman pursued his intention and later won my friend's cold cold heart.So, from Guam,Washington,Hawaii,Delaware,Alaska,and New Jersey our communications did not wane.With letters and cards via the snail mail,to emails and personal chats when they visit home,the friendship continued and I bet will stay forever.Thank you Annie and Eddie for nourishing our friendship!


Ed Benjamin said...

Well, thanks for the nice trip down the memory lane, Luz. Now that everyone knows the real deal, Annie and I always return the favor when someone as nice and creative as you dare to put our readers to sleep with our sappy story. Stick around for a couple of days, and we'll have you and the barkadas up front and in the center of page. Wait and see. Smile! Annie sends her love.

lucille said...

I just won't allow a nice love story be shelved...it really tickles our imagination knowing someone putting himself in danger just to see his love!Sorry,i did not ask permission but I remember I told you am posting it!

Ed Benjamin said...

No apology is necessary. You simply waked up my better half. Now Annie is edging me on to get back with another story about you and the rest of the barkada. Nothing serious, besides,I'm just warming up.
Again I am not mad. I don't get mad, I just get even, ha! ha! Ha! See you on the center of the blog next time.

lucille said...

I will like that,Eddie...I have never been the center of whatever,that will be a big achievement....ha,ha.ha.I was inspired by Pilar's blog and she told me to write one.I wrote it with a different twist,and besides,I am your ally then...and am happy for both of you!

ABenj said...

Thanks my friend for that lovely umbrella write-up.
It reminded me of my young at heart years, it’s nice to
hear and reminisce those unforgettable journals of my
life. Again, my thanks to my forever friend and to the
memories. I have met my most gentle, caring, persistent
and everlasting devoted partner in life.
Will you come over in August and visit us?

C C ramirez said...

Wow, Annie, that was so sweet of you to describe my incorrigibly wicked cousin as such. Now I will be really embarrassed to treat him so miserably as I had done in the past. Kidding aside, I agree with you times and times over. He is a very rare specimen of a husband. I am so delighted you found each other.

lucille said...

Yes,Annie I will see you and hopefully,the rest of those in the US.We can have a mini reunion. We can see Annie and Sixto also.
Am so happy you found your Soulmate in Eddie.Stay sweet and lovely!