Thursday, June 14, 2007

A message to the 7 CINDERELLAS of Batch '63

Cindy LUZ, thanks for that very refreshing and interesting blog on the 7 Cinderellas. It feels good to read a unique story after the sadness evoked by the earlier ones written by Corazon and myself. You are all 'married' to your profession. You are well-traveled. You are financially independent. You still have your sexy bodies intact. You are all happy. I bet many of the married ones would gladly trade their status with you.


C C ramirez said...

Josie, is that wistfulness humming in the background?

josie javier-macalua said...

Azon, only for the "sexy body intact" part. hehehe!

You know very well that the toad turned into Prince P. Buti na lang hindi Prince P. turned into a toad.

We get lucky sometimes, you know.