Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Fascination with Caves

I have always wondered why Caves fascinates me so much….I really don’t know why. Sometimes in jest I tell myself, perhaps, in my other lifetime, I have lived in caves. Who knows, I was there during that era!

In my travels ,I always end up visiting caves…in Albay, the Huyup-huyupan Cave is a sight to behold ,so with the Underground River-Cave in Palawan. I have also seen the Crystal cave in Baguio, and the one in Tuguegarao ,Cagayan. When I had the chance to tour Lebanon, courtesy of my lady boss who became the first Labor Attache there, I saw with my own eyes, two beautiful caves which are referred to as GROTTOS, the KFARHIM, which was discovered when a little boy accidentally fall down a hole while running after his ball. The other was the world famous JEITA , an almost mystical world full of natural charm and excitement.

The sites in the caves dazzle my eyes and also revive my spirit .Seeing the most impressive pure limestone, I breathed a sigh of thanksgiving, for what I am seeing is a grand sculpture only the hands of GOD can create.

If you know other caves worth visiting let me know so I can schedule a thanksgiving journey to another God’s creation.

Caves will never fail to delight and excite me !

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