Sunday, June 17, 2007

Norberto updates

Corazon's write-up on Norberto saw publication on June 12. That started the ball rolling. This author emailed Terry and Luz. Ernesto DR sent his to Rollie, who in turn went to Norberto's place to assess his priorities. I blogged on Norberto's plight in my personal blog, from where my son, Marc, picked it up and then shared it with Gail. As planned earlier, I wrote to Ms. Vicky Morales of Wish Ko Lang on GMA-7, and sent it twice. On the third time, I sent her a list of the sites carrying Norberto's story. We have yet to hear from WKL.

Pilar, Nelia and Edita started praying for our mission: Norberto. We also forwarded emails to our friends and relatives. A friend from way back when, Tess del Rosario, responded and offered to contact her high school chum and classmate who was with the Human Resources Department of GMA-7 before. She said that maybe he could pull some strings so our letter could be picked out from the thousands that they receive daily. Told her that we will wait for another week or two before we ask for her friend's favor.

Emails from some of our batchmates started pouring in. There were conference/single chats with Corazon, Luz, Pilar, Armando, Ernie, Tio Eddie. Ernesto K called me up by long distance to inquire how he can possibly be of help. Lest I forget, our President-for-Life, Mike, called up too, performing his duties as president of Batch '63, via long distance calls from the U.S. Wow! Can you beat that?

If and when nothing comes out yet from what we have done so far, there are other avenues to try. Let's not lose hope. We know that we can do it! BATCH'63 CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Let's work on this as one big, happy family. We will never go wrong.
Please send us feedbacks, opinions, etc. on how we should move about. Suggestions on what source of income would suit Norberto best. Doctor's opinion on whether it is still possible to fit a prosthesis on his blind eye. Offers of help/donations for his cause. Please call Luz or Rollie and let them know. They can email for you.

Thanks to all. We will be waiting...

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Ed Benjamin said...

P. S.
When will you share those great pictures you took from the reunion? Let me know if your nephew is too busy to help and you need assistance. Take care, Nelia.