Saturday, June 9, 2007

Picture of Batch Reunion in Morong

I was digging one day into our family album and I came across this picture of our reunion at a beach in Morong Bataan near the mothballed nuclear plant. The date has passed me --- someone help!

Please note our principal and the teachers who molded us to what we are now! My snappiest salute to them, and my solemn prayers of eternal rest for Mr. Lonzon and Mr. Roxas!

My heart and my mind are still in reunion mode! Grabe talaga!!!


josie javier-macalua said...

thanks for that pic. wish i were with the batch and our former teachers during that reunion in morong!

you are not alone in the 'nicest feeling hangover' ever! count me in, and so the rest of batch '63. i guess it will take some time before the euphoria dies down a little bit.

let's all take good care of our health to ensure our attendance to the GRANDER REUNION in 2010. puros na tayo retirees by then. almost all of us will be 63 years old by then, so ang dapat na theme ay : JRI Batch'63 at 63. corny ano?

lucille said...

Hi Ernie and Jo,
That picture was taken April 16,1990 at NPC Fish Lab,Morong,27 years after our graduation.I have other photos of that reunion.I am now preparing the still photo albums for those who have no acess in our blog.
I remember that during that reunion we agreed to sponsor some children of our batchmates in their schooling in JRI.That was our first project and they are now all sucessful.
You bet,all of us are looking forward for 2010.

ErnestoDR said...

Thanks Lucille for the reminder!
Yes, I remember now. How time flies! At least we can say we have achieved something for the less fortunate of our batchmates and their children.
At that time, I was also trying to incorporate our group into a foundation, but my lawyer-friend immigrated to Australia and left me empty-handed.
Anyway, our batch may remain a de-facto organization, and continue the good work we have started. What is important is we are achieving something.
Kudos to everyone!!!