Sunday, September 16, 2007

Top ten reasons why beer is good for your health.Warning:moderation is key here.

Everyone is looking for a reason to drink beer.It turns out that a lot of people are.So here are 10 great reasons to drink more beer.not only that ,but they are all true.Beer really is good for your health,so drink up.(Michael Hall,02-05-2007). 1.Beer reduces stress. Alcohol in general has been shown to reduce stress.This one is obvious,and may be the best reason why beer is good for your health. 2.Beer is good for the heart. A study was conducted from 1982-1996 on the elderly.It was found that those who drank at least 1.5 per day had a 20-50 percent less chance of having heart failure. 3. Beer improves blood circulation. Beer increases your good cholesterol or HDL(High Density Lipoprotein)cholesterol,so it reduces blood's tendency to clot. 4. Beer is full of fiver.The fiber comes from the cell walls of the malted barley.A liter of beer can have as much as 60% of your daily recommended fiber.The extra fiber will keep you regular and can also lower the risk of heart disease. 5. Beer as a multi-vitamin. Beer is a significant source of magnesium,potassium,phosphorus,biotin,folate,vit.B6 and B12. 6. Beer can prevent strokes. A study published in stroke magazine in 2001 showed that alcohol drinkers have fewer strokes,bec. it thins the blood,it increases the circulation in the brain,thereby protecting from silent strokes which are caused by tiny blood clots. 7. Beer keeps your brain young. A large study,published in the Dec. 2001 issue of alcoholism:Clinical and Experimental Research,was conducted on elderly Italian men and women.It showed that moderate drinkers had a 40% lower risk of mental impairment. 8. Beer is good for your liver. Alcohol expands the small blood vessels in the liver. This is from Beer Net Publication,April 2001 Biological Institute. 9. Beer cures insomnia. Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid,both present in beer,can promise sleep.Also hops are a natural sedative. 10. Beer fends off gallstones. According to Prof. Oliver James at the University of Newcastle,beer protects against gallstones and kidney stones. References: RealBeer's "Good news,and bad" on Beer Health. All about Beer's "Beer and your Health". Essortment's"Health Benefits of Beer?" Drayman's"13 Reasons to Drink Beer". In addition: Beer in cooking is deeply rooted in Western Europe.It is incomparable as a cooking tool.With it's unique flavors and versatilities is it unmatched.Due to the fact that alcohol has a much lower boiling temp. than evaporates quickly while cooking your recipe and thereby only leaves the characteristic taste of beer. Some ways to use beer for cooking are as follows: Marinades for beef-both tenderizes and adds flavor. Used as a substitute for water in diff. soups and stocks. Used in batters for fried foods. Added in gravies to spice up the taste.Used as a steaming base for steaming foods.(sausages,sheelfish,clams,etc.) Just remember when cooking with beer,keep your beer's primary taste in mind.Malty beers add a sweet/nutty taste while hop lagers can add a bitter/herbal flavor. Now after reading all these "good stuff" on beer,this isn't to say that ypu should go out and get "boozed up" because it's good for you.Obviously the key,as was mentioned earlier,is moderation.Drinking in excess of these guidelines has been associated with an increased risk of several serious health ailments,such as cancer,high blood pressure,and liver disease.Be warned that drinking over moderation can lead to liver damage,dangers of drunk driving,and damage to fetuses of pregnant women who are drinking. The health risks of beer: Ever heard of the 'beer belly?" In German study,Gerard Klose said dangers begin to emerge in men measuring more than 94 cms. around the middle,and become really risky at a girth of 102 cms.Too much fat,he said makes diabetis,certain forms of cancer and heart disease a distinct possibility. It's no secret that high levels of fat accumulated on the body is unhealthy and cause serious illness over time.An article in the London Times reports that fat that collects around the internal organs to form the typically male beer belly will also find it's way into the blood stream and in turn,raise your cholestero levels.This leads to heart and vascular disease and strokes. Moderation is key here,as in all things.Beer is a wholesome drink that is made from natural ingredients,but like anything that is overused or overly consumed into the body,it too can cause damage and become dangerous for us.For moderate drinkers,beer can be nutritious. Beer ,if drank in moderation,softens the temper,cheers the spirit,and promotes health. Thomas Jefferson. And that was the result of my research on drinking beer which I promised earlier.Sorry this is too long.


Mike said...

Mareng Nelia thanks for this write-up regarding a beer drinkers. Yes I believe also that moderately drinking beer is good also for our health. I was still remembering when I worked in Japan from 1986 to 1990, during our dinner we have always 1 bottle of beer to drink because our Japanese boss told us that it was good for our body. Ibang usapan na kapag sumobra na ang inom, di ba Mare?

neliaamparo said...

O.K. nga Pareng Mike,kaya sa 2010,habang kumakain tayo ng letson,di ba kailangan may pantunaw na San Miguel Beer?At sa mga ladies kung ayaw nila ng beer,red wine ang kanila,para matunaw ang cholesterol.

ErnestoDR said...

Salamat Nelia sa posting na ito!
Sabi ko na nga ba at may mabuting naidudulot ang pag-inom ng beer, eh!
I only read the first half, tinamad na akong basahin ang lower half.
The only thing that's very striking for me about this research is "#7. Beer keeps your brain young". Kaya pala nagbabatang-isip ang beer drinkers!
Anong masasabi mo Rollie, Pareng Mike?

neliaamparo said...

You're welcome Ernie,salamat naman at nagustuhan ninyo ang posting na eto.alam kong maraming magiging interesado dito,kaya lang hindi pa yata nababasa ni Rollie,walang comment.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

I already read before that beer is really good for our health especially for our heart kaya lang talagang hindi ko ma take ang pait ng beer. I will rather excercise everday once I wake up than drinking beer. But anyway thanks for posting this for it will be a great for those drinkers. Rollie not too much.