Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Thinking of you bathmates, calling and receiving calls from some of you, sending and receiving e-mails from those I have e-mail address, daily reading of write-ups in our blog site, excitement in the coming min-reunion in San Diego and preparation of Reunion of the Decade in 2010 are some of the reasons why I have many dreams about you btachmates since our grand reunion on May 9, 2007. Three of them are as follows:

I have a funny dreams last night. I dreamed that Corazon visited me here in Baltimore with a seven year old son. She is going to attend my first time wedding. Her son asked for some bread. Good I had some in my bag. She said one loaf of bread cost hundred dollars in Australia. I told her it only cost seventy dollars here in our place. Funny is that the cost of bread is so expensive. Funny is that Corazon had 7 year old son and funny is that at my age I will be getting married for the first time.

My other funny dream was last week the night after I talked to mike on the phone. We batchmates are scheduled to have seminar in Sydney Australia to be conducted by Corazon. Those who arrived were Mike, Annie, Anselmo, Rollie, Alfredo, Luz, Julie, Fely, Emma, Josie, Lourdes, Editha, Frank and me. At the time of the seminar I noticed that so many of our batchmates were not around so I asked where are they. Funny is that Alfredo said "O.k. please wait I will be going back to the Philippines and I will pick them up." Also funny is that it was held in Sydney Australia and Ruben Baluyot was not present.

This is another funny dream. In my dream Belen is my daughter. We are going to visit Eddie and Annie in New Jersey as Noning and Juanito came to visit them. I was very eager to come and see Noning as I want my daughter Belen to talk to him as a friend. Siguro kasi lagi kong naiisip na sana noong grand reunion natin kinausap ni Belen si Noning para wala ang hiya sa bawat isa. Funny is that Belen is my daughter.

Batchmates I know each one of you also have dreams since our grand reuinion. "Don't deny) Will you please share those dreams to us. Let us continue posting in our blog site so it will keeps on going. Please accept invitation of our administrator so you can post.


C C ramirez said...

Larps, ypu must be having curry and all of those hot spices at dinnertime to have these strange dreams. I am worried that I figure in a couple of them. Whatever I have done to offend youm please forgive me but pls don't wish another child for me. My hands are full already with Jazmyn and Daniel. And besides I have no wish to set a record for the oldest woman to bear a child.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Azon, those are really strange dreams. Spicy foods not the reason as I cannot take it. O.K. I will not wish another child for you but I wish more grandchildren for you to embrace. It is true our hands are already full for our grandchildren but don't deny that we enjoy caring for them. Their hugs and kisses, and they are so precious to us.