Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pilar V C - "In My Corner"

At school I hated Literature as we were asked to stand in front and recite a poem and everybody would be looking at me. I liked Trigonometry but most of all I loved Recess, a chance to be away from our teachers and avoid recitation.

My earliest memory is the joy I felt when I stood up on the stage to receive a medal for my daughter when she graduated in grade seven at O.B. Montessori, Greenhills, in Philippines; in high school here in Maryland and most of all when she graduated magna cum laude in College also here in Maryland.

When I was a child I wanted to travel around the world to see the beauty of God's creations.

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be an Astronaut to experience the feeling inside a spacecraft and to travel beyond the earth's atmosphere.

My worst habit is going shopping for clothes with matching bag and shoes.

I’m my best at working in a quiet place. I work professionally and I am so organized. I am also good at helping others when they request me to do something for them and I am so happy when I have done what they request.

The best lesson my parents taught me is to be humble and to love others the way I love myself but most of all to love God above all things and to be thankful for the gift of life.

Five famous people (living or dead) I would like to have met are our Lord Jesus Christ when he became man to experience all His miracles; the Blessed Virgin Mary as she was the closest person to our Lord Jesus Christ; St. Therese the Little Flower of Jesus who at her early age showed her love and devotion to our Lord God until her death at the age of 24; Pope John Paul, II as he was also devoted to our Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Maria Teresa for her love of the poorest of the poor.

I don’t like gossiping about bad things done by others behind their back.

My happiest moment was when I, together with my husband and children, travelled to U.S. to join permanently my mother and all my brothers and sisters and their family here in Baltimore, Maryland.

My secret skill (that is now no longer a secret) is that I can do hair cut kaya lang "uka-uka" (new style) hahahahaha!. Do you want a try a new look?

Friends say I am lovely, trustworthy, can be relied on, pious, a true friend, etc.

I’m very bad at the kitchen. I am not good at cooking, but I know how to cook rice and to fry scramble egg, bacon, fish as long as it is fried.

My biggest regret was when I was not able to get a U.S. visa to attend the funeral of my brother whom I was not able to see since he left to U.S.

The hardest thing I have ever done was when I was 35 years old and I was learning how to drive then and I tried to drive without my husband on my side as he was on his job and I had to take my son to his piano lesson. I drove from our house inside Tahanan Village out to Sucat Road, Paranaque, a busy street with too many jeepneys and cars. I took off my shoes to feel the brake and gasoline pedals. My knee really shook then and every time I recall that occasion my blood pressure shoots up as my son who was only 5 years old then was my passenger.

My greatest fear is that if I get too sick, I'd be lying on my bed unable to stand up to do the things I love like going out with my family, playing with my grandchildren, cleaning my house and going shopping. But I am leaving up to the Lord this fear of mine and I ask our Lord God to keep me healthy in mind and body and give me a peaceful death when the time comes.

I often wonder what is life after death.


ErnestoDR said...

Thanks for sharing a great piece of yourself! I didn't know you were staying at Tahanan Vill --- we were neighbors! I lived with my family in BF Paranaque Phase II(near Aguirre Rd) for a good 20 years until our immigration to Canada in Dec 2003.
I could have rubbed elbows with you and Tuding (who lived in BF Phase 5) and had dinner perhaps in Dampa or in Tropical Hut. ha..ha..
Anyway, I could sense that you are now being deeply rooted to your spituality. That, I suppose, is a great transformation. As I have overheard, "Sana, huwag kang lumampas sa langit!"

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ernie, If I also knew that you were living in BF I will keep on visiting you. Having our grand reunion is really a blessing to each one of us, as we were able to know many things about us. I lived in Thanan Village since 1976 and then I rented it out from the time we migrated to U.S. up to this time, manage by a friend of mine as all my siblings are already here in U.S. My parents lead our steps to our Lord God. We have to be prepared for our life after death. Mabuti na a lumampas sa langit kaysa nasa mababa. hahaha.

neliaamparo said...

Pilar,I,can't help but smile while i was reading your writeup.IT makes the two of us who love recess but i hate trigonometry in high school.i was surprised when i was exempted in trigo in colege.could it be Mr. Bugarin? just kidding.anyway,thank you for sharing your most hidden secrets with was very nice.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Nelia, thanks for your comment. I really have a nice feeling every time I read write-ups and comments in our blog site. Thanks for Corazon who started our blog site and who really try her very best to keep on going. Thanks too to the contributors.