Saturday, September 29, 2007


Excerpts from Bob Perks article
published in Beliefnet

To begin again means that you won't give up.
To begin again means you're trying.
You can either start over and live your life
Or spend the rest of your life slowly dying.

It is never the falling that makes us fail.
It is never the pain or the crying.
You can never fail in life, my friend,
Unless you give up trying.

Today, more and more people are facing some seemingly insurmountable challenges in their lives. A few have lost their jobs and some have failed marriages. All too many have health issues or are battling cancer.

It is desperation that causes them to turn to some people they trust for advice But it is difficult, to say the least, to offer words of hope when all they feel is hopelessness. They expect answers, some magic waving of a wand, or a roadmap to get them back on their feet again.

Bob Perks admitted that he often struggled with what to say when people ask him what to do. Mostly because he had faced many of the same challenges in his own life, and remembered how empty he felt after someone cheerfully offered words like, "Keep your chin up!" "Things will get better!" "Hang in there!" "It's always darkest...," etc.

So, what is his advice? Just these two powerful words,BEGIN AGAIN

It almost sounds too simple. But it is indeed the answer.

All life challenges bring about an ending--and the chance for a beginning. A job loss presents an opportunity to start over somewhere else and maybe even in another career.

A failed marriage does not mean you are through loving or being loved. It means there are others just like you needing to be loved. Find them.

A life-threatening disease does not mean giving up. It means starting a new path to recovery and discovering within yourself the ability to fight back and win.

And if you are a person of faith, even death does not mean it's over. It means "to begin again."

I find this piece inspiring so I am sharing this to all.

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neliaamparo said...

Luz,this article is so inspiring indeed.Thanks for sharing.