Friday, September 28, 2007

Reporting from the Home Country

Hi, there, Guys! Guess who I met on Tuesday night at Max's in Balanga, Bataan. Shown above are Siony and her two very good looking children, both of whom are still unattached. The night before, it was Licerio who greeted us at the Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport. It is indeed a small world as far as Batch 63 is concerned. Hope you are all doing well.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ms. orionjri, I am so happy for your safety arrival there in the Philippines. It is really a small world. Siony has two nice children. Her daughter reminds me of how Siony looked when were are in highschool. She is beautiful. Just in case you meet again Licerio, please ask his e-mail address as the one given to us is not good. Take Care and God Bless.

lucille said...

Hi Ms.orionjri,

Welcome home...Siony sent me a text sharing she met you and your only love.She was so happy to see you again and I know she will be glad to see the photo in the blog.I will call her tomorrow .
If time will still allow you, our batchmates here will be glad to treat you to dinner.
Take care and hope you enjoy your stay.

Ed Benjamin said...

It's nice to hear from you, Ms orionjri. Enjoy your trip, but more articles/pictures please. Be well and safe. Keep those digital shots coming. Thanks!

neliaamparo said...

It's so nice to hear from you again Miss orionjri.we missed's nice to be home again.enjoy your stay in the phil. with our classmates there and say hi to them.Siony's children are so goodlooking.her daughter looks exactly like her when we were in highschool. please take care of your passport. have a nice and safe trip.

Mike said...

Hi, Miss Orionjri thanks God that you arrived safely in our beloved country and I know now for sure that you are in a good condition. You are right that as far as batch1963 is concerned the world is small. Biruin mo na meet mo si Siony na isa sa magaling sumayaw noong tayo'y na sa Crown Royale at doon pa kina Kuya Max na masarap ang kanilang mga pagkain.Ang alam ko malamig yata ngayon diyan sa sa atin kaya take care of yourself. We miss you very much Miss Orionjri.