Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Yorkers Try Facial Yoga to Reduce Wrinkles

By Christine Kearney


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Botox and plastic surgery may promise to reduce wrinkles and worry lines, but some New Yorkers are turning to facial yoga to achieve a youthful appearance

yoga instructor Annelise Hagen teaches several facial exercises designed to stretch and tone facial muscles... including "The Lion," showing the tongue hanging out and eyes rolled up ... for 60 seconds. … other exercises include "Satchmo," in which the cheeks are blown out Louis Armstrong-style, and "Marilyn," in which glamorous kisses are blown to strengthen mouth muscles for full and firm lips. "It uses the same principles of exercise you would use for any other parts of your body," Hagen said. "Facial muscles also become more toned, so it is a natural way of getting a lift."

Hagen recently released a book, "The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift." She said she developed a workshop using facial yoga because women wanted to look their best, "but they weren't really thinking about how to exercise their facial muscles."

She said facial muscles become weak and flabby and need regular workouts and circulation to reduce wrinkles

Come on, ladies. We have 2 years to work on those muscles. Miracles still happen.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ms. Orionjri thanks for this write-up. I will try this yoga facial exercise and hope my existing wrinkles will be lessen. Let us see the result in 2010. I miss Josie's e-mail messages and write-ups. Hope her PC will be fixed soon so she will read this write-up of yours.

lucille said...

Ms.Orionjri,I tried the facial exercises a few times in front of the mirror,I did not like what I saw....ha,ha,ha. These yoga exercises will surely help to maintain our youthfulness.I wish I have much time to really do these.Nakakainggit ang mga retired na,marami silang oras.Thanks for the posting.

neliaamparo said...

MS.OrionJri, In as much as i wanted to look beautiful in 2010,i'm scared to do that facial yoga.Baka somobra ang ganda natin eh maattract ng husto ang mga guy classmates natin. baka wala ng gawin ang mga iyan kung hindi titigan tayo araw at gabi at makalimutan ng umuwi sa kanila.lagot tayo sa mgaesposo nila,baka katayin tayo,at hindi na tayo makabalik ng buhay.HE HE HE.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

I really enjoy reading comments in our blog site. I keep on laughing. This is one way to reduce our wrinkles.

ErnestoDR said...

1. Do this exercise in a locked room.
2. Ensure that nobody is watching you.
3. Have some relaxant pills handy in case tense muscles fail to return to its original shape.
4. Trust that your husband will love you more with the end result of this exercise.
5. Do not forget to laugh after reading this.

neliaamparo said...

One more thing,make sure there are no flies around or the poor fly may get stuck in your mouth.Ha,ha ha ,ha.