Saturday, September 1, 2007

Reunion of the Decade

Thank you Corazon for your nice idea that our next reunion should be a Reunion of the Decade which will be held on the third week of Jan., 2010 which was published two weeks ago by orionjri. The title of our next reunion should be like that because we have held already our grand reunion last May 9, 2007. Our grand reunion was really very successful and we could not deny the happiness that overflows in our heart and once in a while eh bumabalik pa rin sa ating alaala ang masasayang tagpo
na naganap in our grand reunion. For those who attened only in Dela Fuentes Farm and Crown Royale
maaaring "bitin" ika nga tulad ng mga nanggaling sa Manila at ayon na rin sa sinabi ni Boy Evangelista but for those who always attended the meetings and gatherings which was posted in detail by Kumareng Emma in the blog hindi na marahil "bitin", like for example the gathering at Kumareng Nelia's residence with 42 members were present at masasayang naghapunan sa tatlong mahabang papag sa ibabaw ng dahon ng saging. Naging mahigpit tuloy ang bigkis ng pagsasama the family of JRI ORION BATCH 1963 because of that grand reunion.

On the last part of an article of Kumareng Emma regarding our grand reunion there was a big question mark; "Ganito pa rin kaya tayo sa Jan., 2010." Maaaring mas masaya pa ang ating Reunion of the Decade according to Josie because we have enough time to prepare for it. And one thing more we will be having additional balikbayans to attend. We were able to contact already the following batchmates who failed to attend our last grand reunion: Ruben Gomez, Lourdes Garcia Cruz, Manny Rivera(Manuel Baluyot), Lolita Zulueta Alfonso, Renato Matic, Elenita(Luna)Mariano, and Estrella Baluyot Isidro and Zenaida Mendoza Sison and Severina Perez who are still in UK and Chicago respectively for their tour.

On the part of the balikbayans we have agreed that our contribution should be $300 which is divided as follows: Dec.,2007, $100--Dec.,2008, $100--and Dec.,2009, $100. And Kumareng Nelia if I am not mistaken have a pledge of 1 litson. On the part of the locals it is still purely voluntary. According to Pareng Rollie they were only few when they tackled regarding the contribution and for those who can afford can contibute P100. a month yong iba naman eh kung magkano lang ang kaya nila hindi natin sila inoobliga for P100. a month. Like what I have said the contribution for the locals is purely voluntary. We, the balikbayans don't want that the contribution be the barrier para hindi makasama ang iba. The most important thing eh we all be there in the reunion of the decade. Pareng Rollie and Pareng Fredo, you take care of the locals to attend 100% and we will take care of the balikbayans. God bless the members of Jri Orion Batch 1963.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Mike, thanks for this write-up regarding our reunion of the decade. As each of us are excited for this next reunion and many are attending, I know this will be much more happier than our grand reunion. It is still a long wait period and we have more time for our preparation so I hope this time it is more organized and prepared with the help of your angels and assitants and of course with the cooperation of each one of us, batchmates.

ErnestoDR said...

Pareng Mike,
With three years planning and preparation, I see no reason why the reunion will be a flak. This early and in the days to come, let all intimate their suggestions if only to improve the last reunion which we had,and to liven up our hibernating spirit, and frustrate Mr. Alzheimer.

jriclass1963 said...

Lucille has sent me the batchmates profile and so I am ready to start contacting them regtarding the 100pesos contribution. Some of the have no contact numbers so I' still trying to figure out a way to contact them. I hope i will be succesful in this effort. Let's look forward to the reunion of the decade.