Wednesday, September 12, 2007

News Flash!

Former Philippine leader Estrada Gets Life for Corruption

Posted: 12 September 2007 0929 hrs

MANILA - Former Philippine president and movie star Joseph Estrada was found guilty of massive corruption on Wednesday and ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Let us include Ex-President Estrada to our daily prayers. He needs our prayers. Let us remember that he is still God's creation.

neliaamparo said...

This morning I was listening to the news,in Bandila about the verdict on ex-pres. Joseph Estrada.They were interviewing Filipinos all over the world about their opinion on the verdict.The opinions were divided.Some are in favor,some are against.In my opinion,it's true that if someone have comitted a crime,that person should be punished.But there is no fairness in that verdict.How many politicians have comitted similar or even worst crime than him?And yet he was the only one who was convicted.Hueting is still rampant in the Phil.What about the political killings? The killings of more than 50 journalists?The killings of actvists mostly students who are aganist the gov't.How many perpetrators have been jailed or convicted.I never heard any of them being punished or caught.The only people I know who have been put to jail are those who are against how the gov't is running the country.People who wants justice for the oppressed.Where is the fairness there? If the people can find out the truth behind the hello Garci tape, then maybe I would believe that there is justice.One thing that should be taken out from our society is hypocrisy and lies.Some people are so used to lying that they think lies are truth.We cannot just close our eyes and pretend that nothing is happening.The Spaniards and all the oppressors of our country are all gone.We are all Filipinos now,but the cancer in our society is still there,even worse than before because this time,they are oppressing their own people. Again,this is just my opinion. Miss OrionJRI,I have a request. If you think that our blog will be in trouble,just delete my comment. Thank you so much.

orionjri said...

Nelia, you speak the truth and ably express the feelings of the majority of genuinely concerned Filipinos. Everybody knows what is going on in our country but regrettably the cancer as you call it is so pervasive it is almost terminal. Yet for the love of our home country, let us keep hoping for a redemptive miracle. It will come.

C C ramirez said...

There are crooks and there are crooks not just in the Philippines but any place in the world that humans inhabit. But the rule that stupid crooks forget is: Never get caught.

ErnestoDR said...

I still believe that for every evil that a person does, there will be a time for retribution. It is to me a natural law --- what you sow is what you reap!
Let justice prevail. Otherwise, our Inang Pilipinas will forever wallow in the mire of corruption, demoralization, and social decadence.