Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sto.Domingo Fiesta

At exactly 6 pm ,May 25 we gathered at Fely's Place to attend the dinner tendered by Nelia in honor of their patron saint, Sto Domingo,whose fiesta is celebrated that day.Rolly with Lita graciously accommodated us,in their van(Fely,Belen, Julie Violeta and me)while Emma and Fred were in their owner type jeep.What greeted us is the old reliable reunion streamer, again proudly hung at Nelia's gate..."Oh it's reunion time again," somebody said.Editha was already there when we arrived.Later Rosa and Mercy arrived.
The recipes are all delicious but I liked the " nilasing na hipon" best.As expected food is overflowing and after dinner is Videoke time.Rollie and Lita scored very high in their renditions of some old favorites and love songs.Fred also showed his singing style and dedicated a song to Julie...Nelia also sang some old love songs,how I wished I have a good singing voice so I can also join the singers of our batch. Editha left early to finish packing for her flight the next day.
While most of our balikbayan batchmates have returned, all of us will always remeber their efforts to bring us closer again just like the old times in JRI. And for our President,Mike Cruz,you deserve all the laurels!


josie javier-macalua said...

So, that dinner at Nelia's place brought to a close the very long-running Batch Reunion(in the www). Di ba, doon rin kina Nelia nag officially start ang reunion natin? You are all very lucky for being the ones present sa last episode of the JRI ORION BATCH 1963 GRAND REUNION!

Let's all pray that the next one tentatively scheduled in January 2010, would be grander in every way...

It's achievable, with our cooperation and the OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP OF OUR PRESIDENT-FOR-LIFE: MIGUEL "mike" CRUZ! Mike, YOU ARE THE MAN!

HURRAH! to Batch '63!

orionjri said...

I guess the memory and the mementoes of our grand reunion will be with us for a long time, more than enough to sustain us until 2010 when we may be able to pull off another reunion on a much grander scale, age, health, finances and situations permitting.

Until then let us keep the fire of our rekindled friendships burning brightly.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

I will guess one wearing a hat. He is Raynaldo Diolola. The other one it is hard to guess.