Friday, May 25, 2007

So un-Hollywoodish!

BAND OF PAPPARAZZIS, I should say! But one important person is missing - Corazon's Pabling. I observed him aiming his camera at the papparazzis, and not on the subjects, from time to time, during the photo shoots, (and not without that mischievous smile on his face!)

During the Grand Reunion, we were so un-Hollywoodish on our reaction to the camera-toting guys. Whereas, the stars and VIP's would veer away from them, we practically ran and elbowed our way to where the cameras were aimed. Take a closer look and figure out who have the most number of pictures in the albums.

OMG, I hope it's not me!


1 comment:

Ed Benjamin said...

Who needs Hollywood, when I have all the classmates of '63? From this papparazzi's angle, you are all the STARS in my camera. Don't need any more EXTRAS, thank you!