Friday, May 25, 2007

While it’s my turn to be on the limelight, (thanks to my wicked, lovable relative) it was unadulterated pleasure for me. To be at the back of the scene, anticipating the next move of the subject(s), then clicking the shutter- that for me, was FUN! Case in point, look again at the posted pictures of the papparazzis. And who do you think was grinning all along? In hindsight, there were two missed opportunities at the grand reunion, which I’d like to do all over again. If only I could turn back the time. First, was the presentation of the certificates to Cora and Mike. The look on their face during the presentation, were those shots I would have loved to capture, and during their brief remarks – priceless. Well, there's always the next reunion to look forward. I'd better clean up my camera lens...

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