Monday, May 21, 2007


Grand Reunion, Episode 1

May 4, 2007, Friday night. Before me was a man who looked like he had just stepped out of a courtroom. He was smiling. Around me were some 60 year-olds whose faces I could readily recognize despite the passing of 40 something years since the last time we were together.

Mike asked, “ O ito kilala mo?” pointing to the guy before me.

I looked and then stared and scrutinised his face for memory triggers. None came. I was beginning to feel the first flush of embarrassment. The others offered clues not to help me but to confuse me even more. They were obviously enjoying my confusion and discomfort.

Still absolutely nothing to stir my memory. He did not fit the stereotype of my batchmates one little bit. While we were behaving like giggly teenagers out on a first beach camp out, he simply looked too solemn and dignified for the likes of us. So wishing to end the troubling confusion, I went to him for a closer scrutiny and asked him, “ Sino ka nga ba?”. He just continued smiling, this time with a touch of mischief on his face.

Mercifully, a voice came to my rescue and said his name. They could have knocked me out with a feather duster! This solemn, dignified-looking guy could not have been “that” young man of the 60’s. My jaws seemed to have touched the ground for the utter surprise I felt at that time. Yet it was he.

And a few more days afterwards, I realised that as youngsters, we had impressions and preconceived ideas of others in our own batch which were born of immaturity, innocence, naiveté and perhaps unfounded fears. I had needed 44 years to revisit and revise these impressions and ideas particularly of this impressive and charming guy.

I won’t tell you his name on this page. Maybe he will tell you himself. Or someone else might share his/her version of this episode.

Here is a challenge for everyone. I DARE YOU to write about your memorable/unforgettable encounters at our reunion.

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josie javier-macalua said...

(according to WoWoWee). RIGHT???

44 years have done him good. He now exudes elegance and quiet charm. Not to mention the very refined and priestly language that he speak.

O, E'K', baka naman wala na naman akong matanggap na pasalubong niyan sa 2010 ha? Ang hirap yatang sulatin ng comment kong ito.