Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Gift Of Giving

Traditionally,MAY is the month of Flowers,Fiestas and Santacruzan.However Batch '63 turned it into a month of reunions and gift giving.We not only shared our joys meeting classmates,barkada and friends from among our batch but also shared our blessings.
It is heartwarming to see everyone wholeheartedly digging into their pockets everytime the "HAT" is passed in the many gatherings we had this month.The spirit of generosity flowed; for our own batchmates who need help,for the residents of the Bahay Puso,both the elderlies and the street children and for the Catholic church' Sacristy.By our own example,we have shown our concern,we have shared part of ourselves and we have made others happy.Hurrah to all of us!!

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josie javier-macalua said...

Nothing compares to the happiness one feels when he gives off a part of himself in the spirit of love and charity.