Sunday, May 27, 2007

Big Welcome to Emma

Thank you very much for dropping in. Now we can hardly wait to read about exciting newsbits from someone in the thick of things in that part of the world.


josie javier-macalua said...

Yeheyyyyyyy!!! Another 'quality recruit' for the blog. WELCOME, Emma, to 'where you belong."

Can't wait to see your blogs. Recipes on your very 'masarap' na dinuguan and bringhe muna sana. Parang appetizer. Hmmm!

Then, love stories sa ating batch, beginning with yours and Fred. We heard that you were able to make our batchmates tell about their mga "KUWENTO NG PAG-IBIG" noong namiesta kayo kina Armando sa Bantan.

Sige na, please! We're dying to read about those true-to-life-love-stories.

Ed Benjamin said...

Okay, Emms let's show them what you're secret recipes and other fun stuffs that you've been so discreet. Have fun while you're at it, Teach!