Monday, September 8, 2008


Congratulations to ms.orionjri, our unmatched, indefatigable blog administrator, for the new look of our batch site!

It' s beautiful and more pro-looking.

Thanks so much, Azon, for all your efforts, know it's not easy.

You are a blessing to our batch (jriorionbatch1963). Mabuhay!!!


orionjri said...

Ahem! Now, if only everyone of the batch contributors would put in a dish or two...occasionally.

Acknowledgement goes to you, and Lucille and the others who have not given up on this blog.


JoGJMac said...

blogging is one activity that i enjoy doing. aside from the mental exercise(to delay the onset of alzheimer), it feels nice to be able to express one's thoughts, feelings, opinions, whatever.

yon nga lang there are very"dry" days when inspiration does not set in at all. i'm very transparent, on days like that, i just copy and paste whatever article catches my fancy. now you know!

hindi na 'to mutual admiration society, triad(?) kasi luz, you and i feel the same for each other.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Blogging!!! Too much work the main reason for no time for blogging. It also takes too long to open our blog site this time not like before.

Anyway thanks for continuous blogging of those who are retired.

JoGJMac said...

larpi, how i wish i were not a retiree yet, so i can be a prolific blogger. unlike you, my experiences are very limited to the confines of home, church and rare family occasions.

you are much luckier, my friend, because you have a wide range of experiences and happenings to blog about, especially about your work, office mates, clients, technical things about insurance, aside from topics close to home.

luz is not retired yet. looks like she has no plans to do that, because she has a consultancy offer after TESDA. look at how many quality blogs she's able to publish, not only in our batch blog, but also in

so, paano, larpi, hihintayin namin ang next blog mo?

lucille said...

Cora and Jo,

Thanks for appreciating my little contributions in our blogsite. Reading and writing make my day so I always enjoy our site which I open everyday.I also noticed the new look,it is beautiful ! I hope the bloggers of our batch will continue sharing.
Mike,Ernie, Emma,Annie and Eddie, Pilar,Nelia,we miss you !