Monday, September 29, 2008


In response to Josie's appeal I was able to talk to Mike last week. He is very sorry for not posting in our blog site as he said when he has free time his granddaughter is using their computer for her projects in school. He said he feels sorry for not reading those articles posted in our blog site. Please understand him as he works at night and of course he has to sleep in day time and do some house chores like mowing the lawn, etc.

I was able to talk too to Edita and Annie. Edita and her dad just arrived from their vacation in Virginia and Annie with Eddie had one week vacation in Las Vegas. I told them to please post their happening while they were in vacation.

I also talked to Lourdes, She thought our reunion will be this coming January and that she cannot come as she will be moving to a condo by that month and need time to sell her townhouse. I told her that it will be in January 2010 and not January 2009 and that she has plenty of time to notify her employer. She told me that they have no more house in Orion and if there are hotels there. I told her not to worry where to stay.

For Josie and Luz, thank you so much for blogging. I know our administrator really wants our blog site alive for the sake of all of us batch'63.

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JoGJMac( said...

thanks for posting your 'report'. appreciate your effort in keeping in touch with our batchmates there.

please tell them - no hurry. luz and i were encouraging those in orion, especially the retirees, to blog on very simple topics, like ukoy, boboto, sumanm etc.

we hope we'll be receiving a number of posts for publication in our blog.