Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is to update you batchmates that I had recently talked to Editha and Fely via e-mail. Editha with her Dad is now in Virginia for a two weeks vacation and at the same time visit her brother. Another good news from one of our batchmates. Fely will be starting to work this coming October teaching in a catholic school. Manny, Annie and Mike also called me just to say hello. I am really sorry for not blogging. The reason is that I had problem with my internet server at home and I had requested to cut it off. I am blogging now here in the office but I cannot do it so often as it is against in our office to be in the internet doing personal task especially during office hours. Once caught I will be fired out from work. It is also take long time before I can open our site.

By the way as you know I am a type of a person who really do not know how to cook. What I know is to cook rice in rice cooker and fry egg, hotdog o ano mang puwedeng iprito but not the fish. I e-mailed Lourdes Garcia Cruz as she loves to cook as she mentioned me before and I asked her how to cook Ukoy to impress my brothers and sisters during my mom's 86th birtday last August 16. He e-mailed me the recipe not giving the measurements. She just told me all the ingrdients. I tried to prepare all the ingredients and mixed all. Alam ninyo kung ano ang nangyari. Nadudurong ang aking ukoy. Hindi nabuo. I called my two sisters and told my problem. They told me that I have to put one more egg and more flour. Dinagdagan ko ang nangyari naman naging tinapay ang ukoy ko. Kaya walang ukoy sa birthday ng nanay ko. Minsan naman nagluto ako ang aroz caldo naging kalamay naman. Next time I will really not to try to cook. Nakakahiyang ipakain sa ibang tao. I just cook rice and my daughter-in-law just bring me whatever vegetables or meat she cooks everyday. Kaya alam ninyo ang kusina ko napakalinis as I only cook ready to cook food in the microwave. When our family has party all my sisters are the one cooking at ako taga kain lang. They know that. Kaya pagpumunta kayo dito sa East Coast you are welcome to stay in my house but don't expect me to cook food for you. he! he! He!

Okay, time to work. Let us keep on remembering each other in our daily prayers and pray to the Lord that we all batchmates have good health of mind and body so we will be seeing each other in 2010 with big smile in our face and with full joy and peace in our heart.

I love and miss you all. See you then.


JoGJMac said...

ATTA GIRL! wow, na-mental telepathy kita. nag-blog ka na agad, while i was still
working on the second part of THE PLEA.

o sige, i volunteer to cook for you when i get there. cooking is my favorite home chore. pero ikaw ang maglilinis, kasi yon ang expertise mo.

sabihin mo lang kung ano ang gusto mong ulam or meryenda. presto! i'll cook it
for you. PEKS MAN!

lucille said...

Hi Larpi,

Pareho pala tayo ng Waterloo...I really don't cook at home.Taga kain lang din ako and the financier pag may handaan sa bahay.Mapapakinabangan mo ako sa paghihiwa ng ingredients pero you have to demonstrate kung paano.If I am left alone in the house, my sister will have to cook rice and expect that my ulam will either be canned goods or boiled eggs with tomatoes.I have not tried cooking on my own .But I can perfectly do cleaning and decluttering cabinets.I am good in Sorting,the first step in the Japanese 5 S .
Oh well,welcome back to blogging !

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Lucille and Jo, I am happy that we can communicate through our blog site. Jo I really want to taste whatever food you will cook when we meet. O.K. lang ako ang maglinis. It is really my expertise. I am really organize at home and at work. Luz magkakasundo tayo. Pagmagkasama tayo lagi tayong sa labas kakain. When are you planning to visit U.S? Hope When Jo is already hear we will see you too. Fely really wants to schedule another mini reunion. I told her when Jo is already here. O.K. talk to you later. I miss you.