Friday, September 12, 2008

Decluttering our Life

Organization is key to so many things in my life.Basically, I am an organized person. I am peeved by clutter bugs. In my younger years at home,especially on weekdays,everyone must be on their toes to organize their rooms,toys, books.I remember when my siblings were young,they have to set a time putting their schoolbags in order or else they will find them lying near the door ready to be thrown away. (Kasungit ko talaga noon !) But they reaped the fruits of being organized. But the next generation lack the trait ,my nieces,nephews and even my apos are not trained to be organized and I blame the way their parents had brought them up.They leave their wet towels on the floor,the toothpaste caps on top of the sink and a lot of their clutter everywhere in their room which look better when the door is closed.

Clutter is defined as anything unfinished,unused,unresolved,tolerated or disorganized.
Clutter is not only about items. Clutter also includes things we have started and not completed; things not put away or thrown out; possessions we no longer use or are broken; habits we keep repeating that no longer serve a purpose; activities we continue to do because "we have always done it that way"; beliefs we hang onto that are not true; holding on to relationships that haven't worked for a long time.

Getting rid of clutter can make a huge difference in our life... not only will it improve the energy in our home and workplace it will also have a positive impact on our success and happiness in life.
When one get on top of clutter you gain more energy, become organised and life begins to flow more easily.