Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A plea to batch 1963 - PART 2

Calling on all our batchmates ( jriorion1963 ) who are residing abroad!
Please share with us your exciting life there, through our blog.
At least, we'll experience how it is to live outside the country, albeit vicariously.

It would be doubly exciting to see your pictures posted in our site.
Do allow us to peep into your home through pictures of your abode posted in the blogspot. AND, OF COURSE, THOSE SHOTS OF YOUR FAMILIES.

"Nasaan na kayo, Crispin, Basilio?" EHE! Mike pala. 2 Ernestos, the Benjamins, Larpi, Nelia, Edita, Manny, Luna, Frank, Roberto, Eya, Sally, Lourdes, Lolita, Anselmo, Benruben, etc. "Larpi, please continue the list of batchmates living there and in other countries." "How about the list of birthday celebrators?"


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