Saturday, September 13, 2008

It Gets Crazier, Folks. Hang on Tight for the Ride.


1) McCain Is Computer Illiterate Ad Blows Up In Obama...

The young snarkies running Sen. Barack Obama's campaign couldn't resist the opportunity to make fun of the fact that Sen. John McCain has admitted he doesn't use a computer and send e-mails...

(Watch it, Batchmates, if you don't start prancing your stiff fingers over the keyboards of your computers, you'd be in danger of being lumped in with McCain. Unlike McCain we have no war injuries to use as an excuse for Obamatoads label of old fudgies like us: computer illiterates, hah!)

2) McCain an expert on defending our country. Who cares about his computer knowledge?

3) Obama's Record Doesn't Match His Words by Gerard Baker, Times of London

Barack Obama the speechmaker is being rumbled. There is a yawning gulf between what the Democratic candidate says and how he has acted. That's why the race is so close.

The essential problem coming to light is a profound disconnect between the Barack Obama of the candidate's speeches, and the Barack Obama who has actually been in politics for the past decade or so...

Politician Obama rose through a Chicago machine that is notoriously the most corrupt in the country...

4) Obama and South Chicago Slum Developers

Barack Obama's political career rose from the south side of Chicago with a lot of help from his friends involved in the housing industry. They have profited and thrived, unlike the Senator's south side constituents...

The Tony Rezko scandal focused the nation's attention on just one piece of a much larger story: Obama's close association with several South Chicago slum landlords, plus one property manager who is now his senior advisor...

If the full story is ever widely known of Illinois State Senator Obama's association with several South Chicago slum landlords to whom the Daley's administration turned-over ownership and management of public housing properties, the voters will rightly ask:

Did the candidate who tells us to be our brothers' keeper not know how developers in and near his district were turning housing for the poor into even more horrific slums? Or, did he know full well what was happening and either didn't care, or was afraid to speak-up? That seems a fair question.

Whatever the answer, the myth of the community organizer fighting for the poor is seriously busted.

5) Putting Lipstick on the Community Organizing Pig

Agitate and aggravate. Those are the responsibilities of the paid "community organizer."

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