Monday, September 15, 2008

Doing the Unexpected

In our daily routine, we do a lot of things expected of us. We sleep, eat, and watch TV, listen to music, read a good book or do the usual house chores. Sometimes we go shopping, visit relatives, watch a movie or just hang out with friends. These are the expected activities, how about the unexpected ones? Well, these could be a candlelight dinner with the hubby or a boyfriend, a vacation hideaway, and maybe a cruise or a European tour.

Aren’t we thrilled with the unexpected? Gifts, perks, humor, job promotion, and even the simple joy of being visited by a long lost friend….. Doing the unexpected is fulfilling. The feeling is the opposite of just doing the usual things, which by definition is doing the average or even the mediocre.

Have you done the unexpected lately? I have some fond recollections of some things I have done unexpectedly and how they turned to be either a comic or embarrassing experience:

• Many years ago, I was a competitor in a 200 meter run at the athletic oval of San Fernando, Pampanga.It was an inter agency sports fest and because of my lean figure I was recommended to join the 200 meter dash run. Mind you, I was there without even a single practice or warm up activities. The result was expected, I join the others at the tail end of the race!

• During company activities, I always look my best. I don outfits which are apt for the ocassion,say ,a nice swimwear at the beach or resort ,a sportswear for aerobics or aero dancing which is part of the physical fitness program for employees. My teammates always look forward of what I will wear, so I wondered if they do not expect someone as “young as me” wearing some daring outfit. However this did not dampen my resolve to really dress up as required.

• Here are some glitches during my tours. While visiting some ruins in Japan, my sister and niece had the laugh of their lives when the tour guide of a group of Japanese literally shoved me off from their group when I joined them during the lecture session about the ruins and requested some flyers. In Europe tourists are ogling at me while I pick up small stones from the places we are visiting and labeling them with a pen marker.

You may have similar stories to share about doing the unexpected, join me in my journey!

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