Monday, September 15, 2008

Going to the dogs

Thought of relaxing after dinner last night, so I turned on the television set to the Kapuso channel. "This is good," I said to myself. "It's about pet dogs." I still miss Centee, our Dalmatian, which was born during the RP Centennial celebration. Sadly, Centee passed away while I was touring the country with the Sales Blitz group. The veterinarian said he succumbed due to kidney failure and hypertension, because of too much meat and too little water in his diet. Maybe, just maybe, Centee's fate would have been different if I did not entrust him to the helpers. Sigh!

Going back to the tv show, what was shown was the luxurious lifestyle of dogs nowadays. It started out with fashionable dog outfits, dog spa and grooming centers, dog birthday parties - complete with theme and catering. There is the dog boarding house, or something akin to a dog day care center. Would you believe that there is even a memorial park exclusively for canines, with lots ranging from several thousands to millions of pesos per lot? There is a dog crematorium and columbarium, and many more unthinkable amenities for dogs.

I can't explain my feelings while watching that tv feature. On impulse, I pressed the remote control to turn it off, not wanting to see more. I don't hate dogs, but I value human beings much, much more. How can people spend that much for dogs while our fellowmen are suffering from hunger and poverty? Wouldn't it be more Christian to buy food for the needy than to spend for dog luxuries? A dog birthday party which costs at least five thousand pesos can buy about 4 sacks of rice from NFA. How many families will be assured of 3 square meals with that? How many Gawad Kalinga houses can be built for the homeless with the amount needed for an estate lot in a dog memorial park? The 'how many's' are endless.

Conscience makes men different from animals. Conscience will prevent our society from going to the dogs.

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C C ramirez said...

Great write-up,JogJMac! It tugs at the heart strings.

How true and indeed how sad. This is one unfortunate indulgence of mainly affluent societies. Here in Australia, animals can receive better treatment than human beings do. They are accorded much better care, respect and would you believe it, judicial consideration by law courts. Cruelty to animals can attract stiffer penalties than crimes against a human being. The people react with such disproportionate outrage to any news of ill-treatment of animals compared to news items on baby bashing/murder, domestic violence, random assaults etc. . One could not help wondering why the value system has turned upside down. But then, it may be because pets especially dogs, provide their human alphas the emotional nourishment which sadly they do not get from their own species. Very sad, indeed.

On a lighter note, I guess the poorer nations see dogs for what they are, animals that can be a man's best friend and companion and at times of great need, a source of food. Oops! the brigades for the prevention of cruelty to animals are probably trooping to my doorstep right now to arrest me. ( Note to Dog Protectors! I am a dog lover myself, peks man!)