Saturday, December 8, 2007


I was moved by the response to the GK project. I have already made the pledge as per telcon with Pres. Mike, and it's just the matter of collecting and turning over the funds. we endeavored to have a meeting this Sunday 9 Dec., but most have commitments so id did not materialized. We are rescheduling it for next Sunday, 16 Dec. with Lucille and Belen doing most of the legwork. For our batchmates here in Pinas who have accesss to the blogsite, please course your pledges/donations to Sec. Belen/Lucille/me. We will try to reach those who have no access to the blogsite. That will be the main point of our meeting next Sunday. Thanks for all the support.Rollie


neliaamparo said...

You're welcome,Rollie.We are so thankful that there are people like you who are comitted to these kind of endeavors.It's one way of fulfilling GOD's commandments,do this to the least of my brothers.I've read in the pilipino newspaper about how this GK started,and now it has grown so big.This is good bec,even if our gov't don't think about the welfare of the poor in our country,there are some people who care.And I know that GOD is helping these people to carryout this noble deeds.Please keep up the goodwork,we'll always be behind you!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Rollie, Thank you so much for your hard work for this project. Thanks too to Belen and Lucille who are always there in your back helping you for the fulfillment of our project to help the poor. I e-mailed those who are here in U.S. same with Anselmo and Ruben Baluyot who are in Australia. Frank and Eddie and Annie, and Ruben Gomez responded they will pledge for this project. Thanks for those whose heart were touched to help the poor. We are doing this for for our Lord God.