Thursday, December 6, 2007


I just want to share with you that today, Wednesday, December 5 is the first day of falling snow for 2007 here in Maryland. I love watching on my office window the falling snow. It is so beautiful outside. Snow started falling around 9:00 a.m. If not stop it might be 6 inches before I go home after work. Not dangerous to drive as government officials see to it that salt are being scattered on the street. Not so bad as of this time 12:00 noon as the snow on the ground not yet goes up above two inches. Snow started falling around 9:00 a.m. Cold but I enjoyed walking under the falling snow when I went to Gallery near my office during my lunch break with my snow boots and jacket on.

How's there in New Jersey, Annie and in Pennsylvania, Mike? I know it is colder in your place than here in Maryland. How about you there, Ernie and Lourdes in Toronto? Come on let us walk under the falling snow.


Ed Benjamin said...

Not much snow here in the Garden State, Larps. In our area, the most accumulation, about three (3) inches, was in the southern part.Hence, closer to your stateline. The most we have in our neck of the woods was an inch, a flurry in our backyard. Take care, Pilar. Annie sends her best (she's still in bed). Have a nice weekend, friend.

ErnestoDR said...

We had our first snowfall Thursday last week. When I woke up, I found 10 inches of snow on our driveway, so I had to shovel this powdery precipitation over my thermals, toque, gloves, and insulated jackets. Temperature dropped to minus 7 Centigrade. These are the times I often wonder how Canadians survive the weather!
When I went to work, our office (East Toronto Auto Collision Reporting Centre) was in chaos due to motorists reporting numerous accidents happening on the slippery and snow-filled roads. Drivers forget that they have to set aside their summer-driving habits during winter.
So, drive carefully during this season, the life you are trying to save may be your own.
Looks like we are having a white Christmas in Toronto magalopolis!

Ed Benjamin said...

I feel your agony when it comes to shovelling the white powdery stuff. Although I haven't encountered such accumulation this year, the official winter season in our side is not quite here yet. Be careful with your back when you're doing your outdoor "chore" my friend. And perhaps, a power shovel (electric) or a snow blower machine might not be a bad Christmas gift to wish for? Take care, and send our warm hello to the rest of your family, Ernie.

neliaamparo said...

Pilar,Ernie and Ed,Do you think you are the only ones who have snow?Yesterday it rained here and when I woke up this morning and looked over the mountains it's so white with snow.We don't have snow where we are but we can see it from the house which is overlooking the mountains(Mt.Baldy).It's really a sight which I enjoy everytime I wake up in the morning.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Nelia, I know it also snow there in your place, but only in the mountain not at the residential area. So you are not experiencing shoveling those snow in your garage way and on the walkway. Ernie, be extra careful in shoveling. In our place if the snow goes up from six above schools and offices are closed. We are not experencing yet below zero. Temperature here is now 48 and snow melted the next day as it rain. No more snow today on the ground. Since I arrived here, I only experience White Christmas once. Merry X'mas to all.

ErnestoDR said...

Thanks for the warning, my dear friends!
I am absolutely aware of the consequences of shovelling in winter. First, I need to "warm up" before the actual work out. There were reported cases of heart attack from those who immediately plunge into the routine. Second, the cold temperature tempts one to go on working to the limit of exhaustion. And third, proper insulated attire is a must to prevent hypothermia.
I am not inclined to get a snow blower for two reasons. One, there is a growing awareness here about reducing gas emission from equipments and tools like this. Second, it would deprive me of my only outdoor exercise during winter.
Don't worry I am using an ergonomic shovel that reduces back pains. Thanks for the concern!