Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ukoy Udyong

Finally,I have interviewed Ate Glory Alvarado in Wawa. She cooks delicious "Ukoy" and sell them in the public market . I was told that she was the one who prepared the 300 pieces of special Ukoy which Anselmo (Mok) brought during our reunion last year. I also saw the special cucharon she is using as is made of stainless metal, quite hollow so that the cooked ukoy can easily slide . Although I don't cook,I hope I can accurately enumerate the procedures she unselfishly shared in making three variants of this delicious Filipino dish . Yes, three variants but the procedure is the same .

Variants :
a. shreded unripe papaya,togue(mongo sprouts),Puso ng saging and onions
b. kalabasa, papaya and onions
c. Potatoes and onions

Ingredients :(These will be good for 50pcs. of ukoy )

a. Any of the above listed ,for the patty
b. medium sized shrimps,cooked ,
c. galapong (giniling na bigas 1/2 kilo)
d. 1 tablespoon atsuete powder for coloring
e. 3/4 kilo flour
f. cooking oil
g. vetsin(optional)
h. salt
i.1 tablespoon baking powder
j.for the sauce;vinegar,crushed garlic, ground pepper, salt

Procedure :
( Note: If you will cook variant a, shred the papaya, wash three times and remove the pungent taste by putting salt in the shredded papaya and remove the juice. Let it stay overnight in an uncovered tray.)

a. Prepare the patty; any of the variants (finely cut kalabasa,potatoes onions.mix them .
b.Prepare the batter :mix the galapong,atsuete powder,baking powder, flour,3 glasses of water. Mix until you get the right smoothness.
c.Heat the cooking oil together with the empty cucharon or ladle
d.Put a thin layer batter in the cucharon then put the patty and 2-3 pieces of shrimps on top, put another layer of batter and dip it in the hot cooking oil until the ukoy turns golden brown.Low heat cooking is recommended.

You may use chopped shrimp if you like to taste the shrimp in every bite. Having a whole shrimp in each patty is more for aesthetics in my opinion. But hey, to each his own, you can make it whatever way you like. :)


JoGJMac( said...

i'm more than convinced now, how much you love our blogspot and the batch.

look, batchmates, luz took the initiative and blogged on making "ukoy", a difficult task, for a SELF-CONFESSED NO COOK (like larpi).

thanks for the effort. ukoy is one of orion delicacies that i miss. ATE GLORY has become an 'institution' for being the pioneer and the best 'ukoy maker' of our town. i don't fail to buy from her everytime i'm in orion. she does not fail, either' to give me freebies. hehehe.

requesting everyone to please keep her recipe a secret, because it's her only source of livelihood. we don't want her to lose her trade to other entrepreneurs. we can do that, can't we?
a very small prize to pay her for her generosity.

meanwhile, i'll 'babad' the 'bigas' muna, so i can cook some ukoy for our only daughter, who's here on a visit. ukoy is her all-time favorite.

luz, kain tayo ng ukoy!!!

orionjri said...

Excellent item, Luz. Dare we ask for you to feature more local folks, especially those we knew in our youth? Or local sites and landmarks that had been the setting for our childhood? Or new local sites those of us who are away do not even know about? Please! Thanks in advance.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz, thanks for posting a recipe in making ukoy. Following this recipe that you posted, I hope in my next attempt to make ukoy to impress my siblings that I can cook it will no longer be a "bread ukoy" as what had happened when I tried before. I think I will try to use Sweet potato, carrot and onion. When my cooking is successful I will blog it. Kaya lang kailan kaya. ha ha ha.