Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hello Everyone:

We are your long lost friends from New Jersey. Annie and I are doing okay, thanks the Lord. It has been ages yes, since I posted anything. Now I'm writing about almost anything. Pardon the long silence, been busy with other stuff. Where did the summer go? Don't know, but it went pretty quick... The last time we were in touch with any batchmates, was in Baltimore with Manny and Larps, July 4th. Time flies...

We were busy doing house upkeep and maintenance. Aside from visiting our grandkids every so often, there's yard work, car maintenance, and a couple of trips here and then. Yes, I still love to do car repairs and stuff, just like when I was in our home town. I must admit, I toned down a little bit as far as "getting under the hood". Besides, modern vehicle maintenance is not as often or closer interval as in the earlier model. But I still manage to change oil, rotate tires, change brake pads, etc... Enough of the boring stuff.

September was a busy month because of a military reunion that I spearheaded about a year or so ago. Some of you maybe aware that I started a blog ,too. It's about a group of military family that served in Keflavik, Iceland between 1987 - 1993. We held the 20th year reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada. It turned out okay, but not a tad close to the success of your reunion in 2007. Since we were out west, we shared a rented car with a couple (close friends) from Florida and visited two national parks, the Grand Canyon National in Arizona and Bryce Canyon National in Utah. We logged about 1200 miles including the three day stay in Vegas, so we got our money's worth for the six day tour. That trip ended in Salt Lake City, where we saw a little bit of the Mormon Tabernacle, their visitor center, and their temple. We watched the choir practice for about an hour. It was an amazing group of singers, that I can only relate in tv beforehand. Why is vacation time always too short? Anyway, we've had a great time, even if it was a short time off from work. Meanwhile, back to reality. Hello from the Garden State, everyone! Looked like we missed a lot of great events in the past three months, huh?


JoGJMac( said...

Great to see your blog and pix again, Tio and Tia (aside from being my batchmates, of course)! Yes, indeed, it's been a long time since your last. Bayad na ang matagal nyong absence, Kasi very interesting and substantial ang ipinost nyo ngayon. Thanks heaps! (to quote Azon from Down Under).

I emailed Larpi this morning asking her to find out why you've been 'missing'. I must admit I was quite worried, too. Now, all the kaba-kaba is gone. You both look great!


lucille said...

Yehey, the blog site is ALIVE again ! Am sure Cora is happy to see the bloggers 'posts .

Yap,we missed you,Eddie and Annie,what will be next in Annie's Cuisine ?

ErnestoDR said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! The couple was made more amazing by the background!
It sent a tinge of nostalgia in me seeing that magnificient canyon which I had the opportunity to see with my OAO during the early years of my career.
I remember driving a rented Monte Carlo from Dallas to Los Angeles traversing I-40(cost of gas then was 20 cents/gal). I just finished an aviation course, and we passed by Arizona among other places on the way, and stayed overnight at Flagstaff. We did not see the Grand Canyon until the following morning and what we saw was beyond description! It was so astonishing!A helicopter ride down the gorge was also an exhilarating experience. Such an awesomwe view could only be created by an awesome God.
Keep posting!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Dear Eddie and Annie,

Thanks for responding in my request to post your vacation last month. I keep on waiting for your post. Happy to know what had happened to both of you for a long lost at our blog. I have not seen the grand canyon but my officemates who had been there said it is really nice. Awaiting more posting.