Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hi there, folks! Apologies for not replying to your emails as I got to read them only when we came home from Sydney. Your concern is, as always, very touching and profoundly appreciated. However, please be assured that rumours of my demise are a bit premature and I am still around to nag and annoy you, all.

As Mike informed you, we were in Sydney for about 2 weeks. We stayed at The Entrance, a seaside suburb in what is called NSW Central Coast which is a little more than an hour drive north of the city of Sydney, to attend an annual Church Feast called The Feast of Tabernacles, the same feast we attended in Baguio City last year and in Harrisburg Pennsylvania in 2003. I guess you have no clue what it is about but just in case you are interested, this feast pictures the Millenial reign of Jesus Christ when He returns on earth. It is a time for concentrated learning about what the Bible teaches on God's plan for mankind which eventuates in the very near future. Loads of great wholesome fun!

We had not seen Sydney for more than 2 years so it was a nostalgic trip for us. We got to drive around the city and see the old familiar landmarks, our old suburb and the house we used to live in. I had trouble holding back the tears. Sydney was my home state for 30 years. My love affair with it has not been diminished by my absence.

We also visited three new grandnephews (one by my sister and two by my first cousins), one of whom is Fely's 5th grandchild. Fely has not yet met this new addition to her family thus the photo.

When we arrived on Thursday about midnight, I tried to open my mail and was greeted with dire warnings/messages of computer infection. My children have been trying to help me clean it but it looks like a really severe attack. A lot of our files have now been corrupted and a number have been completely erased. I am doing this blog knowing that there is a possibility of greater damage but I felt that I should do this one at least before my computer gets totally incapacitated. So if you do not hear from me, it will be because of this problem.
Anyway it has been a tremendous pleasure reading all your blogs. Please keep it up, until we meet again in 2010. My very best wishes to all of you.


JoGJMac( said...

What a joy to see your 'homecoming' blog. We sure missed you so much, and your blogs, too, just as much!

Welcome back, Ms. OrionJRI! We're all looking forward to your masterpieces. After the wonderful and de-stressing Sydney experience, we know that there are so many stories at the tip of your mighty pen. Keep 'em coming!!!

Ikaw naman, girl. I'm taking a few days leave from the blog. To Manila and Orion for about 12 days.

Ang walang pagod na si Luz, ang matiyagang si Larpi,ang palabiro at very sweet nating dalaga-si Nelia, ang maalalahaning President-for-Life Mike (Mickie na ngayon), ang masayahin at masarap na maglutong couple-Tio Eddie and Tia Annie- ang bagong-buhay (sabi niya kasi:"I'm Alive")- na si Sir EDR, si Congressman Rollie, at ang mga iba pa nating batchmates---sila ang makakasalitan mo ng pag-blog ngayon. Ako lang ang absent. Pero babawi ako pagbalik ko, PROMISE!

Okay, MY FRIEND, stay happy, very happy!!!

ErnestoDR said...

Ms Orion JRI,

It's nice to know you are back in cyberspace.
Your provoking and challenging blogs are sorely missed!

My computer too was infected by a powerful virus that I had to do some reformatting. It's good I had a back up of my files.

Anyway, tuloy ang kwentuhan.

lucille said...

Ms. Orion,

Whew!!! Our worries are gone, our ever beautiful administrator is back.We really need to recharge and traveling is one of the best therapy .

We missed you and we know you have lots to post.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ms. Orionjri welcome back. Reading your post make us alive too. We were really worried about your absence. Knowing you were in your Christian trip makes us feel good. Take a very special care of yourself. Be healthy and be happy.

We love and miss you.