Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Golden Years

Take the aging quiz.

The Mayo Clinic designed a test to be able to assess the reader’s grasp of some concerns in the aging process. Take it and see how much you know: True or False?
"1. Most older adults are missing most of their natural teeth and must use dentures.
2. Older adults go to bed earlier and get up earlier than their younger counterparts.
3. Getting older means giving up your driver’s license.
4. You should cut back on having sex as you get older, or eliminate it entirely, to save strength. (I can almost hear my fellow Rotarians in RCM gnashing their teeth).
5. Older adults are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
6. Memory problems are inevitable as you age.
7. Retired people can live rich and productive lives.
8. If you continue to work past age 65, you probably won’t be able to keep up with your co-workers.
9. Most older adults are sick or disabled, making them dependent on other people.
10. Incontinence becomes more common as you age."
The correct answers are:
1. False – as long as good dental hygiene (flossing daily and brushing after meals and seeing the dentist at least twice a year) is followed, dentures may not be part of aging.
2. True – the body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm changes as one ages. Older people usually sleep earlier and get up earlier as well. However, the quality of sleep is important so try to avoid caffeine in the evening and to consider a medical checkup if snoring or frequent urination at night have become bothersome.
3. False – Giving up driving is a personal decision affected not by age alone but by failing vision, poorer reaction times, and worsening hearing. Older people may even be better drivers because they are not likely to speed or drink and drive.
4. False – Satisfying sex is not only for the young.
5. True – regardless of age, polygamous sex is always a risk factor for STDs.
6. False – now is it known that glial cells, intricate connections between neurons continue to multiply. Memory loss becomes a problem to those who are too lazy to read and learn as they grow older.
7. True – especially in the Philippines, older people are given a prominent role in family affairs. Retirement may also be seen as a time to go back to old hobbies or to start new ones.
8. False – as a senior member of a team, you can offer wisdom and experience.
9. False – Exercising daily, eating sensibly, and getting enough sleep are mainstays in an older adult’s regimen versus sickness and disability.
10. True – at least 1 out of every 10 people over 65 has urinary incontinence – but it isn’t caused by aging alone. Some conditions such as urinary tract infection or prostate enlargement are implicated. Therefore, you should see a urologist or an OB-Gyne.
The more you know about the aging process, the more you should expect to truly enjoy the golden years

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Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ernie, thank you for posting this article. Yes some are true and some are false. As we grow old there are really some changes in our life and in our mind and body. Hope in 2010 we are all still the same with the help of our Lord God.