Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is a simple topic written by Michael O'Shea published in the magazine Parade of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Exercise is one of the most effective tools in treating high blood pressure. Yet, according to a recent study, two-thirds of doctors don't take the time to tell their at-risk patients about the importance of staying active. The good news is that you don't need a prescription for getting up off the couch. Combined with a healthy, low-salt diet, exercise can help treat hypertension and lessen the risk of heart disease and stroke. When patients in the study increased their activity levels, 71% saw a drop in blood pressure. Even moderate exercise such a brisk walking can have a positive effeect.
In other blood pressure-related news, Italian researchers have found that listening to rhyhmic music such as classical, Celtic, or Indian for just 30 minutes a day while concentrating on breathing also may be beneficial. Doctors believe the music helps to slow down and deepen your breaths. Try winding down after a workout with a half hour of Mozart and meditation.
Finally, give yourself a treat! Exercising and eating right are still among the best ways to control hypertension, but researh suggests that there may be a reason to indulge your sweet tooth, too. In a recent study, patients who ate small amounts of dark chocolate for two weeks lowered their blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Keep in mind, though, that milk chocolate doesn't have the same benefit and you still have to count calories.

I'm very sorry guys at ngayon lang ako nag-published. I'm hoping that this topic may help a little bit for those who have hypertension. See you on January 17, 18 & 19, 2010.


JoGJMac(http://titajo.blogspot.com) said...

Salamat po, Dok. ehe, President-for-Life MIKE pala!

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lucille said...

Welcome back,Mr. President!! Like Jo,I am so happy to read your post....Batch'63 will always be active and will be having more reunions. I hope to see you too before the 2010 reunion.
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Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Mike, although we talk frequently on the phone I feel much more happy when I read your very helpful post. Mabuti at nakasingit ka ngayong gumamit ng computer as your granddaughter keep on using it for her school projects and research.

Jo and Lucille did you have a chance recently to chat with Ms. OrionJRI? I am so worried as I am not seeing her post or comment this past few days. Is she O.K? Alam naman natin na lagi na lang siyang madaling magkasakit. Hope she is fine and healthy and be with us in 2010. Love you.