Friday, October 10, 2008

Isang linggong kaligayahan

You have heard and sung "Isang Linggong Pag-ibig" but have you experienced "Isang Linggong Kaligayahan"? "I'm in seventh heaven! Nothing could compare to the bliss that I felt for a week!" Hahaha! I could almost feel your disbelief, I could almost see your raised eyebrows, and could almost hear you say, "what? isang linggong kaligayahan na nadama ng isang SENIOR CITIZEN?" ?!?!?! Magkahalong gulat at pagtataka, yan ang siguradong reaction nyo to what I said.

"Of course, I did! I really did!!!" Oh no, not the 'seventh heaven bliss' when we were a lot younger. You got me wrong, hindi 'yon'.

It's our only grandchild, IYA! She's been vacationing with us for a week. So, "Isang Linggong Kaligayahan", like what I said. Now, I could almost see the lolos and the lolas in the batch, nodding their heads, and saying, "Tama si Josie, totoo ang sinabi niya."

It's a universal feeling - the love for grandchildren, the special kind of happiness that only they can bring.

IYA is now 2.75 years old. She's grown so fast. She's learned so many things real fast, too. She reads every letter that she sees on street signs, packages, books, etc. She names the color of every object that she sees. She counts 1 - 20 without any effort at all. She mimics every action and delivers every dialogue of DORA, her favorite tv character. She sings nursery rhymes, the lyrics of some, I can't recall now. She chooses which shirt or shorts to wear, including which hair clips to use for the day. She has full control of the tv and dvd player remote gadget. What she has not outgrown (thank God) is her 'lambing'. She's very 'malambing' (sabi ng Lolo, mana raw sa akin.) ehem!

The sad part is, her mom and dad (Myra and Ian) are coming today, to take her home on Monday. Well, life is a never ending story. We 'lent' our children to our parents from time to time, but were never able to leave them permanently with them. Pahiram lang always, hindi kayang ibigay. It was the same situation with their parents and the parents before them, and so on and so forth.

Whatever, now you understand and believe that I really was in seventh heaven, experiencing "Isang Linggong Kaligayahan."

Care to share your happy experiences with your "apos"? ( either from your children or from your pamangkins)?



neliaamparo said...

Jo,napakacute at very smart naman ng apo mo.Mayruon akong apo sa pamangkin,dalawa ,they are both boys kaya I understand how you feel.I'm so glad that you have experienced that week of happiness.

lucille said...

Iya really looks so smart...mana sa Lola! May 5 na akong apo sa mga pamangkin ko...and they really give joy . They provide a sort of rejuvenating glow.Ilove my grandchildren. They bring me great joy. We have a lot of fun when we are together. Grandchildren enrich my life. I am still hoping for more grandchildren!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Jo you have a really cute granddaughter. My grandson Blythe turned 3 last Sunday, October 5. Grandchildren really give joy in a family. I really feel what you feel ladies. My two grandsons are always with me during weekends kaya lang sinusundo sa gabi. I enjoy playing with them. Nakakabata ang magalaga ng apo kasi dapat kalaruin din natin sila at makibata. I see to it that I always have ice cream, milk, juice cookies and M&M.