Friday, July 20, 2007

Orion delicacies

I am concentrating on Orion delicacies this time. If there is something that everyone who leaves a place misses, it is the food to which taste one has been accustomed to.

* pabitak - boiled corn kernels, served with freshly grated coconut, sugar and salt, altogether wrapped in a balisunsong of banana leaves

* palidusdos - a concoction of bilo-bilo, gabi, camote, langka, saging na saba, coconut milk and sugar

* dinuguan - pork or beef innards and blood cooked with onions, vinegar and sili

* puto - ground wagwag rice, coconut milk, baking powder, anis, sugar - cooked in a katsa-lined lansungan (BABY)

* ginilo - duman, young greenish malagkit, pound in a lusong, and mixed with coconut milk, sugar and gulaman

*ukoy -shredded papaya mixed with onions, salt,pepper,in atsuete-colored galapong, topped with shrimps, and deep fried to a crunchy goodness. dipped in suka, mixed with paminta and asin. (ATE GLORY)

* puto-bumbong - ground, drained pirurutong, steamed in small bamboo tubes, taktak directly to pre-cut banana leaves, smothered with star margarine, shredded coconut and sugar

* boboto - ground, roasted rice mixed with "secret ingredients", topped with thick gata and shrimps, carefully wrapped in layers of banana leaves, before it is boiled. (ATE SIANA)

* ginaok - coconut milk, brown sugar, cooked till thick, then placed in pre-cut buho, covered with a piece of paper (IMPONG BERTA)

* patko
* balikutsa
* bibingka
* butchi (kakanin type and prito type)
* bibingkang duman (Charito)
* maja blanca
* tsokolateng kinimis (Cherry-choc)
* sumang malagkit
* suman sa lihiya
* sumang mais
* sumang kamoteng kahoy
* bibingkang mais
* kalot
* puto kawali
* tuyong - udyong
* tinapang bangus at alugasin
* malahinalas na isda
* sinabagoongan
* bagoong na itlog ng alugasin
* ginataan
* goto

I'm sure marami pa akong di naisama rito, so will somebody please continue doing this for the blog. We will choose our reunion menu from the list.


C C ramirez said...

Josie, this is pure torture! I shouldn't visit the blog for a while. I just can't look at your list without slobbering. We have lots of Filipino food here but they don't make them the way they are made in Udyong.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Josie, Ginutom mo naman ako. The more I am eager to come home. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang kalot at patko at hindi ko pa natitikman ang bagoong na itlog ng alugasin at malahinas na isda. Ang dami mong alam. Mahilig ka kasing kumain kaya alam mo lahat ang mga ito.

josie javier-macalua said...

I think, I better migrate there to Australia, than to the U.S., kasi I might make a fortune cooking the delicacies in my list. You will be my no.1 customer, siyempre. Tapos rin ang torture mo. Everybody happy!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Josie dito ka muna sa US magluto. Ang dami mong alam na pagkain na hindi ko alam at hindi ko natitikman. Ako muna ang ipagluto mo bago si Azon. How's your petition papers. Happy hearing from both of you. Now I know you are both fine having time to face your PC. Have a nice week-end.

lucille said...

Hi there guys,

Oh,I have missed the blogs page for a week.I have been out again and no access in the internet.The recent "List Game " is fun,all of us can relate to the Udyong delicacies and the unique places, things and people. Do you remember too that Orion is also famous for the "subok" which until now the old Latin song is sung by the Angel,the big number of musiko parading the whole town during fiesta,the Serenata and the La Torre?Sayang nga lang na ang iba gaya ng Komedia,ang mga malalaking basnig ay tuluyan ng nawala sa kasaysayan ng Orion.

ErnestoDR said...

It is pretty amusing to read your blog exchanges about Udyong delicacies. I haven't savored many of the listed foods for a long time and I am starting to crave for those made only in Udyong!
I guess the next time we are around, we set aside concerns on glucose level, HDL/LDL, and uric acid. It should purely be endulging ourselves as young adults again!

josie javier-macalua said...

okay, guys. para fair, we will see to it na most if not all of the listed delicacies would be served in the 2010 reunion, and yes, ernie, we'll forget about our blood chem results even for a day. be sure, though, to bring along your maintainance pills for DESSERT! hahaha!

there will be an orientation on orion delicacies, and larpi would head the list of attendees. kaya ang slim mo, kahit pala malahinalas at bagoong na itlog ng isda ay di mo pa natitikman. the latter is quite rare now, but don't worry, i know how to prepare it. i'd gladly do it for you, your royal highness.

that's an interesting topic for another list, luz. yong cultural uniqueness of orion. marami pang pwedeng isama sa listahan niyan.

let's blog on these cooperatively.