Thursday, July 12, 2007

Journal -1


The weekend of July 6 was just an ordinary weekend, since the 4th of July holiday just gone by. My partner in crime picked me up from work and headed south to visit her brother in Dover. Our usual stop before turning Friday into a night was a shopping mall off Route 13 across from the Delaware State University. As she initiated her window-shopping, off I went to the other side of the road. Just to pass my time, I started my own browsing around in a home improvement store. Those magnificent power tools and garden equipments looked so good on display. The automobile dealer looked intriguing, too. But the salespeople were still out on the lot waiting for prospects, so I started heading back to check my significant other.

Then I saw an unusual type of transportation parked in a usual retailer place (Sam’s Club). That sight caught my attention and placed the digital camera to work. I went back to the mall straight to a bookstore, and read about the Amish people.

They came to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the 18th century to avoid persecution in Europe. Their descendants were called Pennsylvania Dutch. The name Amish came from a Swiss Mennonite Bishop, Jakob Amman. These folks were North American Christian group of Mennonite origin. “They have maintained a distinctive and conservative agricultural way of life despite the influences of modern industrial society.” Aside from central and western Pennsylvania, the Amish people have settled in greater concentrations in northeastern counties of Ohio. Others have spread out in Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Virginia, Oregon, North Dakota, and Missouri. There were groups who even migrated in Ontario, Canada.
Armed with a little knowledge of their culture and how they migrated into the country, I was not happy with just looking at the horse drawn carriage in the parking lot. I did not even see the people who drove and parked this beautiful animal in front of the store. My curiosity got the better part of me that evening.

I was up and about around 5:00 the following morning. While my bride was still asleep, I set my feet out for a cup of java (“you’ve gotta’ have Wawa”). I knew enough about the highway when we travel to Maryland and have passed those horse buggies a few times along the highway. I took pictures of a couple of horse stables along the road, too. But that was all. The camera was hardly used. Perhaps, I came up too early? I went back to check in with my partner almost empty-handed, and with an empty stomach. I didn’t feel good about it. When the going gets tough, my partner and I go to the mall to (window) shop, hang out in a bookstore or see a movie. Two out of three wasn’t bad. Afterwards, we fulfilled our weekly spiritual obligation.

Luck was on my side Sunday morning. I started late, around 6:30 AM. With a 16 oz. of coffee on board and the camera laid out where Annie used to sit, I aimed for the same highway. It was a day of worship. Alleluia. All these wonderful folks were coming out of their home to attend their service. There were two married couples walking along the road with children in tow. But the rest were on their traditional vehicle of choice. I pulled over, and eagerly offered those pedestrians to be photographed. Politely, they declined. Fair enough, so I went after those passing vehicles. What a way to spend a weekend out of Route 8, Pearsons Corner, Delaware!

Want to see more pictures? View and enjoy!


neliaamparo said...

hello annie and eddie, more nice pictures.i love those kind of sceneries because it reminds me of days from long time ago.i went to delaware a few years ago to train in one of our instruments(dupont)but i never had the chance to really go around because our time was limited.we went to the historical places in pennsylvania,washington dc,atlantic city etc,but the only place we went to in delaware was the dupont training center and denardo's seafood place which is famous for their crabs.anyway i enjoyed my stay even if it was only for a week.i wish i could go back someday especially in the fall.thank you for sharing those pictures with us. it's me again, nelia

Ed Benjamin said...

Hi Nelia:
Thanks for the feedback. You're on the right track when it comes to visiting the northeastern part of the states. Fall is our favorite time of the year, too. Please make your wish come true in the near future. The following are your reasons to do so: Annie, Pilar, Manny, Pareng Mike and your designated driver (and I don't forget where we live, even when I'm driving, ha ha!). Our door will be open for you when you decide. Take care, Nelia. Send our best to Nanay.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ed & Annie, Thanks for sharing your weekend activities and those pictures. I am not surprise that your partner is in the mall that week-end as everytime I call her during week-ends and holidays she is in the mall buying stuff not for her self but for your apos. Me too love shopping but both for myself and for my apos. I know Annie also love shopping for herself especially shopping dresses, bags with matching shoes. These are weaknesses of most ladies. O.K. Regards and Take Care. God Bless.

lucille said...

Hi Eddie and Annie!!When I retire and it will be soon,I will ask you to bring me in that beautiful place.I will reward myself with trips that to places I only dream about.
By the way,the US Embassy has again issued retrogression in the issuance of visa.The August 6 sked of my pamangkins was moved to a later date.That means ,I can't be there summertime.Anyway ,I will see there guys!

ErnestoDR said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!
The Mennonites here in Ontario are situated in St Jacob about an hour and half drive northwest of Toronto. Cecile and I had the opportunity to witness those Amish going about their usual chores. Amazing how they can maintain such conservative traditions and life style. Big wonder how they raise their children amidst the hustle and bustle of big cities and not getting influenced by the modern world(?). Anyway, they peddle their nice wooden furnitures and good tasting agri products like pure honey, and organic vegies. We also noticed the similarity of the horse-drawn carriage with the Amish of Pennsylvania.
My best to the family!

Ed Benjamin said...

There's no time limit with our welcome mat laid out for you. We're not going anywhere for the time being. Rest assured there will be at least two(2)BANDS standing by to greet you. Banda duon sa Chicago and banda rito sa Atlantic City (SMILE)! And how about your classmates from Maryland, Larps and Manny. Don't forget, Mike Cruz is from Pennsylvania, our neighbor state west of Jersey. So come on down, Lucille, the BANDS are waiting!

Ed Benjamin said...

Hi Ernie:
Isn't it amazing, how these folks held and maintained their culture in these day and age of modern civilization? I was fascinated with their journey into this continent when I started reading about them.
Thanks for the feedback. Annie says, hi!

All the best,

lucille said...

Oh Eddie that will be fun...Imagine the 2 bands welcoming a senior citizen,ha,ha,ha! with you around and the rest of the gang I am certain I will enjoy this break from work.Thanks and my love to you and Annie.Di ko talaga akalain she will be a good cook,kasi noong nasa boarding house kami at taking M A units sa PNC panay canned goods lang meal namin.See you soon