Sunday, July 22, 2007

Worries and You

Even at this point in our lives,I know we still worry about a lot of things.It seems, worry is one of those things all of us cannot avoid at some point to a greater or lesser extent.I chose to blog about worry because of a conversation I had with a friend,who was worried about her mother worrying about something.

It is quite hard to stop is a habit we get into but it is ironic that most of what we tend to worry about happened in the past over which we have no control,or haven't even happened yet,or are just possibilities.A physician once analyzed the worries of his patients and this is what he found:

Things that never happened----------40%
Things in the past that can't be
changed by worry----------------- 30%
Health related worries--------------12%
Miscellaneous petty worries---------12%
Real, legitimate worries-------------8%

There's really nothing wrong with our concern over a problem or situation and take steps to deal with it.And worrying actually left us not focused.We fail to take action,and when worrying gets out of hand it can lead to burn out and other stress related illnesses.

So, batchmates, what can we do to stop worrying? Analyze what is worrying you.Is it something that has happened,or only a "what if".Make a plan take action. Share what is worrying you to a friend.And if it is a "what if" situation,instead of only imagining the worst,think of three or more positive possibilities.Ater all they are just as likely to happen as the negative scenario you have imagined for yourself.

And always remember the popular song "Don't worry ,be happy "

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orionjri said...

What worrying statistics you've provided, Luz.