Sunday, July 15, 2007


(For those of you who still want to reminisce the grand old days of May 2007 ...this one is for you)
From my own account these were the highlights of our Grand Reunion .I should know because as I have said.......I WAS THERE WHEN IT ALL HAPPENED.
1.April30- -Ernie S. tendered a dinner and kumustahan at Louis Restaurant Balanga with about 14 of us.Early arrivals among the Bbs who joined the Lls were Pareng Mike ,Mok,and Ernie S.of course.The management of the place had to call closing time to break the group.
2.May3-Wake of Anteros aunt at Wawa where for the first time we met the other Bbs for the first time after so many years(Frank,Nelia,Edith,Pilar and BEN Ruben who failed to recognized most of us Lls.You can just imagine ang higpit ng yakapan at sigawan .
3.May4-Manila trip to join and watch the Wowowie TV program courtesy of Edith who coordinated with ABS-CBN.Rolly and wife,Julie,Fely R.and I were among the Lls while the Bbs included Edith and his father,Nelia,Mok Pilar,Pareng Mike and my Kumare,and ErnieS.who was selected as one of the Bigat 10.The experience made me realized how those abroad long for anything about their homeland.We took a short stop at SM Pampanga after the show and from there decided to surprise Cora at Balanga after learning her arrival.
4.May5-Pre-planning at Nelias place in Sto Domingo.It also served as a baby reunion affair with so many prodigal batch/classmates in attendance. Galing talaga ni Pareng Mike and his angels to bring this group together.Three long papags used to serve the food were not enough .It was the first time Annie attended.
5.May6-Dinner at Juliet Lonzon Malicsis Mansion Abucay.A lavish(labis) preparation was made at the big and cozy home of my ninang sa kasal(that is another story).Quite abig number attended and enjoyed the sumptuous food(may pabalot pa)Kungdi pa siguro ante-bisperas ng pista mas marami pa kami.It wasthe first time the streamer was used.Kawawang streamer halos naluma agad ,gamit sa ka-poposing sa pictures.
6.May7-A surprise attack was made in my place and San Vicente by Josie,luz,Julie, Mok,Pareng Mike and who else but a new face ,Ernie R,Thinking that it was a rest day,I retired early with my 9-month old grandson by my side.I literally jumped out of bed when informed that classmates were downstairs. Naggagala pala ang mga loko and we decided to see Frank at his new home.But he was not there,enjoying the serenata daw in the plaza.Lucing and EstanislaoSabino had their first fiesta visitors that night.
7.May8-Fiesta Day at 3 thirty pm.I had the pleasure of having Generoso de Guzman(long time no hear),Noning and son(long time no see)Mok,Edith,Nelia and pareng Mike as my guests.The group also went to Lucing and Annies place.
8.May9-The Grand Affair at the De la Fuentes Farm Pilar in the morning and the Dinner Dance at the Crown Royale Hotel Balanga in the evening.Do I need to give the details of these affair?So many anecdotes were said and written and so many pictures were taken.Each one of us has our own story to tell.The rain that poured to cap the day did not dampen the spirit.It only watered the desire for more.
9.May 10-A little rest in the morning and off the group went again at 3pm,paid a visit to Ursing and Norberto,gave our donation to Bahay Puso(Home for the Aged)in Balanga and instead of proceeding to a restaurant as planned decided to have the instant dinner at Violetas newly built home in Lati.There we enjoyed the company of each other by singing ,chika-chika and discussing about the next reunion inspite of the rain and by candlelight because of the brownout.
10.May13-The moving spirit already in the US(Mike) but the desire to come and get together still lives on.Nelia made a move and coordinated those who were within reach for another dinner gathering at Aganna Eatery here in Orion.Mok,Frank,Ernie R.,Eddie and Annie ,Edith and Nelia were the Bbs while I was there with Fely,Belen ,Luz Julie and Fredo among the Lls.
11.May15-Sto. Domingo Fiesta,of course at Nelias place.The number of attendees was dwindling but the desire and the spirit to come together did not diminish .
12.May25-Bantan Fiesta.This time our hosts were Armando for lunch and Edith for dinner.It was lunchtime when pareng Mike called by phone (homesick na homesick by that time).It was also the last happening of the group that Ernie R. attended.
At Edithas place we had a sharing of our love affairs.Ito ang na-miss ninyo.
13May26-Moks Farewell party at his brothers house Sto. Domingo.Kaunti na lang kami..Rolly and wife Lita,Edith,Nelia,Ernie S.Violeta,Josie Pascual(remember her?)and Fely.I went home early ,ahead of others because I was afraid baka magkaiyakan pa.

Sa lahat ng okasyong ito mapapansin ang presence ng magkakahalong damdamin at bagay na laging naroroon at bumabalot sa bawat isa; katuwaan,saya,pagod,antok,pagkain,tsika-tsika,sharing,videoke singing,pag-uwi ng halos umaga na(salamat sa ating mga nakakaunawang partner)......all that one can imagine of. But the big question remains..GANITO PA RIN KAYA TAYO SA 2010?


lucille said...

Emma,am sure you are so excited to post part 2 of your previous blog.You interchanged the fiestas of Bantan and Sto.Domingo.I missed the love story sharing,sige na payagan mo na akong magpost ng portion ng love story nyo ni Fred.Di ba ang theme song ninyo,LOVE STORY---where do I begin...he,he he!

neliaamparo said...

dear emma,believe talaga ako sa iyo,from day one up to the last na recap mo,kaya nga lang napagpalit mo ang fiesta ng bantan at sto.domingo.that's ok alam naman namin kung ano talaga ang dates.i don't know kung ganuon pa rin tayo sa 2010 sa tingin ko ay hindi mawawala ang excitement.

Mike said...

Thank you Mareng Emma for joining
the club, lalong gumaganda ang takbo ng ating blog at madalas kang
makarandam ng kasiyahan. I knew that Corazon is happy whenever we
post to our blog. According to you
Mare the curtain of our Grand Reunion was finally closed during the flight of Pareng Ernie DR in going back to Canada, but we have
to open it again for the early
preparation of our next reunion
na ayon sa suggestion ni Corazon
eh Reunion of the Decade if I'm not
mistaken, that will be probably on the third week of January, 2010.
Sa katunayan nga we have already
contacted yaong mga hindi nakasama
noong nakaraang reunion, tulad nila
Lolita Zulueta na nasa Canada, Mareng Estrella Baluyot Isidro
Elenita(Luna)Mariano,Severina Perez
Ruben Gomez and Renato Matic, narito silang lahat sa States at willing silang lahat na makasama for that reunion of the decade.
Hangang-hanga ako sa iyo Mare! Sinong magsasabi na kayo'y Senior
Citizen na, eh ang lahat ng kaganapang nakapaloob sa ating Grand Reunion mula sa pagbubukas ng tabing ni Utol Ernie Santos hanggang sa pagsasara ni Pareng Ernie del Rosario ay tandang tanda
ninyo pa. Halos mahigit dalawang
buwan na ang nakakaraan hindi pa
rin nawawala sa aking alaala ang ating Grand Reunion at dahil sa
inyong GRAND REUNION-PART 2 muling
nanariwa sa aking gunita ang ating matatamis na pagsasamahan; biruan, halakhakan, kuwentuhan,kantahan at iba pa na halos hindi natin alintana ang puyat at pagod. Ako
na marahil ang pinakamasaya sa
ating Grand Reunion. ANG Ikinalulungkot ko lang eh na-miss
ko ang inyong mga sharings tungkol sa love affairs(ha!ha!ha!) doon kina Editha.Thank you very much
again Mare and give my warmest regards to Pareng Fred and the rest of the family and next time
I will never forget to sing "LOVE
STORY", okey ba Pareng Fred?

Mike said...
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Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Emma, I was so happy when I read your write up. Lalong hindi maalis sa isip ko ang mga kasayahang naganap noong nakaraan nating grand reunion. Hoping na mas masaya ang susunod nating reunion sa 2010. Nasimulan kasi nating masaya kaya lalo pa nating pasasayahin at madadagdagan pa tayo. Marami nanghinayang sa hindi nila pagaatend. We here abroad are starting communicating others. Regards and take care. Miss you all.

ErnestoDR said...

Thanks Emma for yet another recap of the memorable reunion of the decade --- for JRI Circa 63!
The hang-over is still on!
My only regret is I missed the pre-reunion events. Gleaned from the snapshots, the preludes were as much as enjoyable as the main event.
The next reunion perhaps I have to be there way ahead of the scheduled dates so I won't miss every single bit of fun and enjoyment.
Warm regards!