Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Personalities for July 2007


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Dear orionjri,
Thanks for posting these two lovely faces of our batchmates. Looking at them smiling also gives joy on my face and in my heart. The more I want to pull days for 2010 to come. I know looking at these photos of Ofelia & Generoso (I'm I correct?)our batchmates also feel what I feel. Regards and God bless.

Mike said...

Wow! a very nice shot for Ofelia
Florendo and to my best friend
Generoso de Guzman. We could see
in their faces the happiness na
naguumapaw in their hearts during
that Grand Reunion. Napakasarap
talaga ng feeling ng bawat isa. It
seems to me that the one who shot
this is really a professional photographer. Were you the one who
shot this miss orionjri?

C C ramirez said...

Photos in this post are from my file. Ursulo's, the girls' and tres gumamelas' in the other posts are from Ernie's album. Glad you liked them. We hope to continue publishing close ups that we took at the last reunion so no one can have any excuse not to remember who we are. I just wish we have enough to keep us going until the next reunion.