Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Search for Life's Meaning

Most of us in Batch '63, by this time are either down the hill or in a plateau in some aspects of our life; be it in our careers and personal/family life.For the past many years,we have lived through some trials,challenges,and hardships.We also had a fair share or a heap of joys and blessings,even in the midst of sorrows.Moreso,we have been witnesses to a number of changes, transformations and evolutions of people,events and things around us.We have considered food,shelter,rest, friendships and other relationships as essentials in our life.But only a few might have considered the Meaning of Life as essential too.Or are we still searching for life's meaning?

Many studies had convincingly showed that without meaning in our lives,we cannot survive long.without reflection on its meaning life will be boring and drab.Events in our life,like the birth of a child,our "apo',a daughter or niece getting married,a friend or a loved one died or even some indication of a growing economy and some manmade catastrophies in our country,we may be asking these questions,"What does it all mean?,What is God trying to tell us?"

Our answers to questions like this spell the meaning of our life.Batchmates,have you found the meaning of your life?


orionjri said...

Luz, your question is too deep to answer in a few words. A personal answer can involve looking at one's genetic inheritance that may impact on his personal tendencies, his environmental nurture that may influence his moral core values, one's experiences- happy, painful and in-between- and every factor including religion/s that help shape the person that one has become. Some discover that meaning early on and others later in life, others needed a certain level of maturity to even realise they need it, others are still struggling to find it and there are others who don't even realise they need it and even others who have given up looking for it.

Some find it and use it for destructive purposes (ie, Hitler, Idi Amin, Marcos) and others for selfless work of charity like mother Theresa and the Bahay Puso founders. Some express it by exterminating others of a different belief in the hope of landing 12 virgins, others in the hope of being re-incarnated as a butterfly.

David in the Old Testament even began a question addressed to God as "what is man..." King Solomon, the wisest and wealthiest man of his generation, found everything was vanity,useless, worthless.

The search for the meaning of life is as old as the age of mankind. There is a pure answer but the chaotic state of the world shows that the majority have not found it.

lucille said...

You are absolutely right Cora! Our life's meaning to my mind must be anchored to our relationship with God.The Bible calls it "faith".Let us hope that our batch finds life's meaning soon enough to be able to do our share.