Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lo siento mucho!

I'm so sorry for causing worry to some of you. I realize now that it was so thoughtless of me not to inform you (my email and chat buddies in the Batch), that I was "giving a rest" to my pc, mainly due to some old age maladies and some church and community activities which needed my wholehearted participation.

Honestly, I was so touched by your concern. Thanks for your friendship and thoughtfulness, Azon, Larpi, Mike, Luz, and Tio Eddie.

I am okay now and vow to be there in the Grand(er) Reunion in 2010.

So until then, see you again in cyberspace...


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Jo, nice hearing from you. We are all really worried as it is unusual not hearing from you everyday. Thanks that you are fine. Stay healthy. I cannot wait seeing you in 2010. God Bless.

Mike said...

Muchos gracias amiga,I hope
that the other two dallas,
Coralarps ay hindi na magiisip
of what happened to you.From
now on you will be included as
one of Mike's angel. One big question was mentioned by Kumaring
Emmaon her last article;
MULI SA JAN. 2010. What do
think JO?

josie javier-macalua said...

Larpi, thanks for your concern.

I'll try to blog from time to time and go full blast later!


neliaamparo said...

dear jo,thanks god you're ok.i got used to reading your comments everytime there's a new post in our blog.then all of a sudden you stopped sending comments.i'm so glad you're ok.

josie javier-macalua said...

De nada, mi amigo, Senor Miguel. (walastik, KASTILALOY na tayo ano?)

Yehey! Accepted na ako to be one of Mike's angels! Biro mo, Miguel - Puno ng mga Angheles...

About Emma's question, aba, of course, iba na tayo sa 2010. By that time, mas maraming a-attend sa reunion. Mas magiging masaya yon, kasi mula ngayon ay nagpaplano na tayo. Mas malaki ang budget natin by that time. Kaya lang, mas matanda na tayo by 2010. huhuhu!

Lakas ko pala sa 'yo, Pres.-for- Life, Mike. Biro mo, ginastusan mo ako ng 3 call cards, para lang kumustahin ako at masunod ang utos nina CoraLarps na alamin ang kalagayan ko. Thanks so much!

Hey, I'm back! No worries. I'm really okay now.

josie javier-macalua said...

Nelia dear,
Thanks so much. Nandito na ako uli.
Sabihin nating nag-leave lang ako for a while.

The real problem is kung wala na kaming mga forwarded PPS from you sa aming inbox. Enjoy ako sa lahat ng ipinapadala mo. Kaya lang, bakit baligtad lahat ng images na nare-receive ko? Ganon ba talaga yon? Somebody help me! Tio Eddie, where are you?