Saturday, August 8, 2009

To Err is Human

Morbid media mix-up: ‘Gloria Aquino’ is dead


ErnestoDR said...

Honest mistake we condone, but deliberate mistake is something else. That is "killable by death". He.. he.. he..
This is one trivial thing that we Filipinos spent so much time feasting on. Why couldn't we discuss the more important things that matter to us, like governance, justice system, graft and corruption, economy, moral values, environment, etc.?
Are we content discussing typo errors, breast transplant, video scandals, what else?
Let us all move on!

orionjri said...

Our blogsite has covered a wide spectrum of topics and issues, much owing to our capable contributing batchmates, from the very personal and domestic, to the educative and the funnies and a lot more in-between.

What else is there to discuss?

Much, of course. But that will surely include the mundane and the serious issues that interest us, individually and hopefully, collectively as well.

It is quite normal that with things such as scandals, jokes on other human beings and whatever, we can find momentary relief from our daily cares,as we gloat and titter over other people's mess and misadventures.

However, the more important, more pressing and more relevant issues are just as "trivial", as inane as the media's typo errors, vanity-enhancements, rumours and scandals in the sense that justice, g & c, etc are seemingly beyond repair, the peoples' grievances beyond redress, and therefore, just as mindless and futile to discuss.

And we, on this blogsite, do bring these issues up from time to time.

By raising issues of particular interest, we aim for balance, light and dark, sweet and sour, take your pick.

As for this reporting "error", we could perhaps consider that it was rather deliberately done as a prank, or it was perhaps a sublimal wish for something that is near impossible to achieve. As the peoples' power that once toppled a dictator seems to have been disabled, this could perhaps be virtual demolition of a perceived political problem.

Trivial the media error may seem. But at the very least it should trigger a thought process, to get the mind considering the whys and maybe more.

An innocent or careless error? Maybe. A deliberate stroke of the keyboard to "kill the unkillable"? Who knows? But we can still engage the brain, can't we?

So let's feast on these smallminded issues and enjoy the fact that we at least still have the freedom to be as smallminded as we wish.

We are moving on. The speed at which we do is up to each one of us. Welcome aboard, folks!

ErnestoDR said...

Ms Orion JRI, when I said we Filipinos feasting on trivial issues, I did not mean we in our blogsite. I was referring to the Filipinos in general.

I guess my use of the literary tools were not sufficient to present my murky ideas.

"Let's move on" refers to those kabayans who are stuck with so much hullabaloo about nothing.

My deepest apology!

orionjri said...

Colonel, I'm kinda disappointed that you would graciously capitulate so quickly. I was angling for a livelier skirmish but I guess being both an officer and a gentleman you could do no less.

No apologies necessary (borrowing from your comment on an earlier post), thus none is accepted.

Iron sharpens iron, as they say. A dose of verbal stoushes over opinionated differences could revive and enliven the wit.

I just wish our batchmate bloggers would be less retrained and be more forthcoming in expressing their opinions and views, in whatever lingo or dialect of their own choosing. And not be put off by the discomfort of "censorship" or challenges.

One's opinion or view is as relevant as the others'. If only the rest of the batch would share theirs. It is a pity only a few take on the challenge.

I guess you would say "Amen".

ErnestoDR said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!

I really hope our other batchmates would join the skirmishes to spice up our blogsite. I'd like to believe that they are endowed with such wit and expertise in their own field that I expect in great anticipation their sharing a piece of their mind. As you mentioned one should only be less restrained. "Censorship" or challenges should not be deterrence to free expressions of one's opinion whether right or wrong.

On one hand, I also sensed your magnanimity when ungrudgingly you skillfully diverted from my "battle pitfall" to the topic of our blogsite life.

I am very pleased we have this site to connect with each other in mind and spirit!


JoGJMac( said...

Hurrah! That's the kind of exchange that's sorely wanting in our blogsite!

Aside from the mental exercise that it provides for our 'stagnating' brain, nakakagising rin ng dugo at damdamin. ehem!

Trivial things in the blog provide some relief and diversion from the stresses of daily grind and from issues both in the homefront and in the country's piling problems.

We all need to laugh and cry and get angry, to keep our sanity, di ba?

"SMILE NAMAN DIYAN, AND EVERYTHING." Love Anover's favorite expression.

JoGJMac( said...

i posted a new comment on the FLIRTING GARBAGE MEN, albeit a little late.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Hello guys what a great exchage of communication. Any way thanks Ms. JRI for posting. I just depend in our blogsite for the news in the Philippines. Typo errors!!! Are they not proofreading before publishing any news. What a mistakes!

orionjri said...

Hayyy! Salamat naman at sumali ka sa jak en poy, JoGJMac.

Pa'no kaya natin maiengganyo yong iba nating mga kapugad na sumali rin?

Para namang nakakangawit na ring mangintriga na wala namang nagrerespond kungdi yong usual suspects. (salamat naman doon sa mga old faithfuls. More sana from you.)

Sigurado namang may mga opinyon at istorya ang bawat isa sa grupo dahil pag nagkakasama, tuloy tuloy, patungpatong, at walang patlang ang masarap na huntahan.

Pa'no kaya, ano?

orionjri said...

Hi, Larps!

You're one of the big reasons why this blog is still alive. Your posts are much appreciated.

Do you have any updates on our North American batchmates?

If you talk to Mike, please remind him to post. We are not hearing much from our president. We could do with his stewardship skills especially as the 2010 reunion draws closer.

Happy blogging!